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Castelgarden PTX 210 HD Riding-on Mower - Hydrostatic Transmission - Grass Collector

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ID: K606937

EAN: 8008984851672

MPN: 2T0980473/C22

Castelgarden PTX 210 HD Riding-on Mower - Hydrostatic Transmission - Grass Collector
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Mulching plugMulching plug
Replacement spark plug kit + 2 bottles of 1 L oil eachReplacement spark plug kit + 2 bottles of 1 L oil each
Protection kit: gloves, googles, ear defenders, Agrieuro headscarf for free!Protection kit: gloves, googles, ear defenders, Agrieuro headscarf for free!
Oil engine replacement kitOil engine replacement kit
Blade sharpenerBlade sharpener
Grass collector
Mulching cutting system
For free
Motor brand
Motor Model
St 650 Twin
Cubic capacity
635 cm³
Nominal power
18 HP
No. of cylinders
Recommended operating area
4700 s.q. m.
Cutting width
102 cm
No. of blades
Collection basket capacity
300 l
Reverse speed cutting
Blade engagement
Gear shifting system
Digital control panel
Manufacturing country
Product Features
PTX 210 HD
Grass collection system:
Standard equipment
Mulching cutting system:
For free
Cutting system:
3 in 1 - Collection + Mulching + Rear discharge (optional)
Collection bag capacity:
300 L
Collection basket capacity:
300 l
Recommended operating area:
4700 s.q. m.
Starting mode:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor brand:
Motor Model:
St 650 Twin
Motor type:
Cubic capacity:
635 cm³
No. of cylinders:
Nominal power:
18 HP
Rated power (HP):
15 HP
Tank capacity:
7 L
Outer oil filter:
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Gear shifting system:
In oil bath
No. of forward speeds:
Operating mode:
Foot operated
Cutting data
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Cutting width:
102 cm
No. of blades:
Blade type:
Cutting blades
Blade engagement:
Max. cutting height:
90 mm
Min. cutting height:
30 mm
No. of cutting positions:
Reverse cutting system:
Non-marking wheels:
Washing joint:
Digital control panel:
Collection bag:
Standard equipment
Rear grass discharge deflector:
Front Bull Bar:
On Standard equipment
Electric start with key :
Rear wheels size:
18 x 8.5 - 8"
Front wheels size:
15 x 6 - 6"
Seat type:
Seat adjustment:
Free gifts/extra features
Free items:
Petrol Leaf Blower
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
255x106x130 cm
Net weight:
230 Kg
Original packaging on pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
188.5x111x111 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
275 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
over 90 minutes
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CastelGarden PTX 210 HD Riding-on Mower

CastelGarden PTX 210 HD riding-on mower with grass collector.

The riding-on mowers with rear grass collector by CastelGarden are ideal for mowing in large-sized spaces without too many obstacles.

It is equipped with hydrostatic transmission and 102 cm cutting deck with non-marking wheels.

This model by CastelGarden is mainly suitable for gardening professionals and for very demanding private users. The large-sized 2-blade 102 cm cutting deck and the grass collector with a capacity of 300 L make it especially effective on large surfaces.

The blades are activated by means an extremely convenient and fully electronic electromagnetic clutch system.

The CastelGarden PTX 210 HD riding-on mower houses a Castelgarden ST 650 Twin twin-cylinder (635 cc) petrol engine with a power of 10.6 kW at 2400 rpm and features a hydrostatic transmission for full speed control.

The ergonomic back of the operator seat and the soft grip steering wheel provide a great driving comfort.

Ideal for users looking for a heavy-duty machine with high-level mechanic and performance features. The CastelGarden PTX 210 HD riding-on mower is Made in Italy.

Cutting systems

1 - GRASS COLLECTOR (standard-supplied system):

Brand new and large-sized 300 L capacity grass collector, among the most capacious in its class.

Emptying the grass collector is extremely easy and can be carried out by acting on the removable handle. It will thus be possible to empty the grass collector at any time while working without any effort.

The grass collector is easy removable: simply lift it upwards to remove it from its housing.

2- MULCHING CUTTING SYSTEM (supplied for free):

This grass mowing system allows crushing grass clippings and dropping them on the ground. The resulting grass particles are extremely fine that they will be barely noticeable on the lawn. This eliminates the problem of its disposal (reducing any effort and shortening the time-saving). Moreover, grass clippings will break down into nutrients and water for the lawn (grass is 80% water) and will thus ensure a perfectly balanced biological cycle. However, it is worth remembering that, to ensure the greatest mulching results, the lawn should be irrigated and the grass needs cutting at least once a week. The conversion from one system to another is easy.

3- REAR DISCHARGE (not supplied)

CastelGarden ST 650 Twin engine

This CastelGarden riding-on mower is powered by a Stiga St 650 Twin petrol engine with 635 cc of cubic capacity, capable of delivering a nominal power of 15 Hp at 2400 rpm.

This high-performing engine is equipped with a dual air filter and pressurized lubrication system with automatic decompression.

The St 650 Twin engine is powerful, reliable and features low noise and emissions.

It comes with a 7 L fuel tank.


Engine type:
4-Stroke- OHV
Cubic capacity:
635 cm³
Cooling mode
air cooled
Fuel tank capacity:
7 L

Focus on the OHV valves

Nominal Power: 18 Hp
The correct term would be "Commercial” Power, meaning the standard definition used until a few years ago by all well-known engine manufacturers.

* This technical feature is the one indicated in the main sales channels, even if it is higher than the real power of the engine.

Rated power: 15 Hp (at 2400 rpm)
It refers to the real power of the engine. This is the power indicated as official in the engine instructions manual.

* This technical feature may vary from an engine model to another according to the rotation speed provided by the manufacturer.

Hydrostatic automatic transmission

Thanks to the new 2-pedal hydrostatic transmission, driving the machine will be easy and intuitive. Simply control the riding-on mower with the right foot on the pedal.

Operating the machine is very simple: to move forward just push the pedal with the foot toe. The riding-on mower will advance according to the pressure exerted. Simply push the opposite end of the pedal with the heel to engage the reverse speed.

Sturdy gears make the gearbox extremely resistant. The hydrostatic transmission is by far the most modern and functional (although more expensive) compared to the traditional manual transmission gears. The latter type, whenever it is necessary to adjust the speed, forces the operator to stop, change gear (because in all the riding-on mowers with a manual or mechanical gearbox the gear change takes place when the machine is stationary), leaving the clutch and then restart at the desired speed. In case of frequent speed variations (e.g. In gardens with trees, vases or other types of obstacles) the traditional gear transmission wouldn’t be practical at all. The hydrostatic transmission, on the other hand, allows immediate speed changes, without ever stopping and in a totally automatic manner, simply by varying the pressure on the drive pedal of this transmission.

Cutting deck

The CastelGarden PTX 210 HD riding-on mower is equipped with a 2-blade cutting deck.

The riding-on mower is provided with collecting blades

120 cm cutting deck width.

The riding-on mower cutting deck is tilting: it adapts easily to the undulations of the ground (as long as they are not overly harsh). Furthermore, this model has a large protection which entirely envelopes the cutting deck.

Electromagnetic blade engagement controlled by means the button placed on the right of the steering wheel. This system avoids the manual shifting by means the standard lever placed on many types of riding-on mowers, and it works thanks to an electromagnetic clutch which allows an easy and fast engagement of the blades. Simply press a button to quickly and easily engage the blades.

The cutting height of the cutting deck is adjustable by means a lever.

The cutting positions available are 7 and they vary from 90 mm to 30 mm.

The cutting deck features a washing joint

Control panel and settings

The CastelGarden PTX 210 HD riding-on mower controls and adjustments are easy and intuitive:

  • Speed regulator
  • Parking brake
  • Ignition lock with key:
  • Braking pedal
  • Cutting height adjustment lever
  • Electromagnetic blade engagement with button placed on the right of the steering wheel
  • Control pedal for the hydrostatic transmission: it allows you to engage the forward and the reverse gear.
  • Focus on the front halogen headlights switch
  • Focus on the grass collector emptying lever
  • Air regulation
  • Reverse cutting system engagement button
  • Alert lights
  • Hour meter

Other features

Other features of the CastelGarden PTX 210 HD riding-on mower:

  • Openable engine bonnet for easy cleaning and maintenance operations
  • Adjustable comfort seat for maximum comfort during use
  • Ergonomic steering wheel
  • Sturdy front bull bar: It avoids frontal impacts and protects the machine.
  • 18 x 8.5-8 large rear wheels
  • 15 X 6.00-6 front wheels
  • Pivoting front axle which ensure excellent balance, stability and riding comfort, even on not-perfectly flat terrains.
  • Focus on the cutting deck washing joint
  • Focus on the halogen headlights
  • Focus on the dashboard with LED alert lights
Free items & Standard equipment

Mulching Kit 102 cm

Mulching kit to switch the cutting system.

Insert the cap into the discharge opening to perform mulching cutting.

1° GIFT: spare parts, accessories and maintenance kit for B&S 190/223 cc OHV engine

Spare parts and maintenance kit for the following BRIGGS & STRATTON engines:

  • 875 Series
  • 850 Series
  • 825 Series
  • 1000 Series

WARNING: this set is not suitable for other brands or models on market. We do not provide different kits from the ones offered on our website.

The kit includes:

  • Professional spark plug for the engine.
  • Multi tool spark plug wrench. Specific for lawn mowers - rough cut mowers - scythe mowers - etc.
  • Specific syringe for engine oil suction.
  • Waste oil collection bottle for easy waste oil disposal.
  • Funnel for oil draining and refilling.

2° GIFT: Safety Kit


Protective earmuffs to work with maximum comfort
Ear protection must be performed correctly in every working condition. In this case, the earmuffs provided on standard kit are specifically designed to protect the operator from the noise coming from the mower.

Protective goggles that can be used as an alternative to the visor mask.
Protective mask goggles in polycarbonate with CE certificate, equipped with anti-fog and anti-scratch panoramic screen. The ventilation is ensured thanks to the holes made on the frame to avoid fogging and to improve comfort of use.

100% cotton Agrieuro bandana

Cotton gloves with rubber ripples for comfort and a secure and stable grip on equipment.

3° GIFT: two 1L oil bottles

FOR FREE: two sae 10W 40 1 L bottles. Specific lubricant for 4-stroke engine-powered gardening machinery featuring up to 10 Hp. Good cleansing and dispersion.

4° GIFT: Blade sharpener

The sharpener allows you to sharpen the blades of your lawn mower in a few minutes.

It is very easy to use since it is only necessary to attach it to your screwdriver / drill and then it will be ready to use.

Thanks to its small size, you won’t even need to remove the blade from the lawn mower, thus ensuring an even faster maintenance.

COMPLIMENTARY: BLACKSTONE W270 leaf blower - garden vacuum - shredder

The BLACKSTONE W270 petrol leaf blower - garden vacuum is a functional product which guarantees excellent performance when cleaning green spaces, gardens, houses and wide public spaces. Versatile, handy and easy to use, the W270 Blackstone leaf blower - garden vacuum is a well-balanced tool, with a double grip which provides for a great practicality and ease of use.

Powered by a 26 cc 2-stroke engine capable of reaching a blowing speed of up to 245 Km/h. The power of this leaf blower makes it perfect for cleaning squares, gardens, large green spaces and remove large piles of autumn leaves. The leaf blower is also equipped with a shredding function which is activated with the vacuum mode. The blade behind the air blowing/suction fan finely cuts the vacuumed leaves reducing their volume and then exploits the vacuum power of the fan to convey them in the 35 L collection bag. This allows to work in a smooth and time-saving way.

The blower can perform 3 different functions: leaf blower, garden vacuum and shredder. The conversion from one function to another is carried out easily and quickly: just remove the blower tube and install the vacuum one.

COMPLIMENTARY: GeoTech S41-130 B lawn mower

The GeoTech S41-130 B is a 2-in-1 hand-push lawn mower is a handy and practical machine that features two cutting systems:

  • Grass collection system: 45 L grass collector
  • Rear discharge

This model belongs to the new range of lawn mowers by GeoTech: these are the latest generation machines, designed with care, efficient and providing high maneuverability.
New lawn mower hand-push model, compact, lightweight and at the same time sturdy and robust. Easy to use for everyone thanks to its agility and versatility. It is ideal for any user who wants to take care of the home garden and wants to obtain an excellent work in a short time.

Equipped with a sturdy steel housing.

The GeoTech are among the best-selling petrol lawn mowers on the Italian market, being now recognized as a industry benchmark.

The quality of all its components and the care of details certainly make the difference between this lawn mower and other models on the market.

It is equipped with a 41 cm steel cutting deck and with 200 mm high rear wheels for the highest performances.

The GeoTech lawn mower’s cutting height adjustment is centralised and it can be set in 6 different positions from 25 to 75 mm in height.

The lawn mower mounts the new GeoTech DVO130 engine with overhead valve technology OHV and a cubic capacity of 132 cc. Very fuel-efficient and very reliable engine.

Standard equipment

The riding-on mower is shipped in its original packaging.

The operating, maintenance and assembly instructions manual is included in the packaging.

Once assembled, carefully read the instructions manual before using the machine.

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