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Cart electric motor pump for sprayers Comet APS 31 with electric motor

Flow rate
28 l/min
Max. operating pressure
30 bar
Pipe medium pressure
40 bar
Rated output
2 HP
Manufacturing Country
Hose reel
Motor type
Pressure Regulator
Yes (semi professional)
Professional spray handgun
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ID: K4199
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MPN: 7300110300

Single-phase electric motor Comet APS 31 pump

This cart electric motor pump choice is deriving from the need to avoid a heavy motor wheelbarrow moving with its pump along the crop. This choice allows to leave the cart pump at the crop edge while the hoses are linked with the tank in the nearby and to move only the spray lance to reach all the points to be treated. The hose reel is for up to 200 mt hose. An additional hose can be found on the related products.

Purchase includes: 

  • Cart with steel hose
  • Professional brass handgun spray lance
  • Single-phase electric motor Comet APS 31 pump
  • Filter and hoses kit
  • 100 mt professional high pressure 50 bar blue wire reinforced hose

This kit is ideal for herbicide and spraying treatments, in medium big size crops, parks, gardens, vegetable gardens, greenhouses and for cleansers and colours in water solution spraying.

Pump is directly flanged to the motor with a gear multiplier, complete with control unit, (for the pressure adjustment). Ideal if there is the electric current in the crop.

The main advantages of this cart, hose reel and pump kit are:

  • Higher transport ease
  • Minor weight as per the tank’s absence


Single-phase electric motor

Powerful electric motor.

For those who have electric current in his property, this electric motor pump represents the best choice because it is free of all the contraindication of the spark ignition engines:

  • start procedure problems (spark plugs, filters, old fuels of dirty fuels)
  • fresh fuel availability
  • higher consumptions
  • continuous maintenance services...

Comet APS 31 Pump

Directly flanged pump to the electric motor with gear multiplier, provided with a control unit for the pressure adjustment.


  • bar: 30 (adjustable)
  • flow rate: 26 lt/min.

Medium size model for semi-professional and professional use. It can no stop work for many hours.

Provided with pressure GAUGE on standard equipment.

Grey lever: by-pass system, it allows to switch from low pressure (where the only function is the liquid mixing) to the high pressure for the treatment execution.

Grey knob: pressure adjustment (up to 30 bar)


Assembly procedure

The hose reel with cart is sent to you already assembled and it comes in 3 packages

  • Hose.
  • Assembled cart.
  • Motor pump (Aside, an image of the motor pump).

This electric motor spray pump with cart is sent to you almost fully assembled. The only assembly operations to do are the following:

  • Hose wrapping (it does not request much time, just as during storage operations).
  • 4 Bolt fastening of the pump on its base.
  • Use 50 cm of the hose to link the pump with the side joint of the hose reel.
  • Two hoses linkage (draft and overflow hose) and spray lance linkage on the blue hose.

Assembly time: 30 minutes

Kit components

Wheeled hose reel

Big size wheels , extra reinforced for an easy transport. The hose assembly is easy and fast.

Handgun spray lance

Professional stainless steel and brass handgun spray lance. Adjustable nozzle (more concentrated or conical) simply modifying the red lever at side.

Ceramic nozzle 

Hose kit

  • 3 mt draft hose with filter 
  • 3 mt overflow hose (back)

100 mt 50 bar hose

Professional soft and flexible rubber high pressure wire reinforced hose. It guarantees a great manageability and a very long length (differently from the classic “white” hose matched by the most of retailers to this kind of motor pumps that is very rigid, not manageable and it must be replaced every 2/3 years as per its deterioration.

Comet motor pump

COMET motor pump with single-phase electric motor : the bigger and prestigious worldwide recognized membrane pumps producer. Comet is a 100% Made in Italy brand


Product Features
APS 31 - single-phase
On cart with hose reel
Electric - 230 V
Motor type:
electric 230V
Electric 230 V
Flow rate:
28 l/min
Max. operating pressure:
30 bar
Hose reel:
Pipe medium pressure:
40 bar
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Rated output:
2 HP
Power supply:
220V power supply
Manufacturing Country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
APS 31
Pump type:
3 membranes
Pump type:
Professional diaphragms
Flow Rate:
26 L/min
Operating pressure:
0 - 30 bar
Pressure Regulator:
Yes (semi professional)
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Oil bath gear
Free gifts/extra features
Pressure hose for spraygun:
100 mt - 40 bar (burst force: 120 bar)
Pressure hose:
100 m
Brass lever lance:
Professional spray handgun:
Professional high pressure spray lance:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Original packaging
Assembly time:
5 minutes