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Campagnola Nuovo Holly battery-powered olive harvester - 180/270 cm aluminium pole

Body material
Technopolymer / Carbon
Speed (revolutions per minute)
1200 bpm
Maximum Length
270 cm
Motor type
12 V
Rated output (W)
450 w
Motor position
At the bottom of extension pole
Motor speed levels
Manufacturing Country
Protection kit: gloves, googles, ear defenders, Agrieuro headscarf for free!
Free item: Multi-purpose Lithium spray grease - 400 ml
Protection kit: gloves, googles, ear defenders, Agrieuro headscarf for free!
Free item: Multi-purpose Lithium spray grease - 400 ml
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Holly Campagnola olive harvester

Latest Campagnola Holly olive harvester exactly reflects the Company background and products quality.
As for other olive harvesters of the same brand, this model is very easy and comfortable to use.
The motor is placed below the extension pole which gives an extra balance to the tool. Follow some of the main features of this product: handle with eyelet for wire, flexible prongs to respect the plant, low vibrations and lightweight machine.

The harvesting head is tilting and moves with rotary motion.

The rake consists of two different types of prongs by 25 and 20 cm each to get depth into the branches. It is very easy to use.

This product is best suited for small producers (80/100 plants) and is intended to harvest ripe olives.

The harvesting head is fully made of carbon filled technopolymer as guarantee of extra lightness.

About the harvesting head

This harvesting head consists of transmission and block where the prongs are placed. The motor is placed at the bottom of the extension pole in order to properly balance the tool.

It consists of 10 prongs: the blue ones are 25 cm length, the black ones are 20 cm length. The harvesting capacity and the penetration through the branches can reach high performances as it is equipped with prongs with 2 different sizes.

The elastic prongs respect both the leaves and the branches while working.

The prongs are mounted on a head. The transmission moves the head by slightly tilting it on its sides (both to the left and to the right) very quickly (1200 RPM).
Some of its advantages: the olives fall vertical to the ground with less vibrations than usual.

Motor at the bottom of the extension pole

The motor is placed below the extension pole which gives an extraordinary balance to the olive harvester. This allows reducing fatigue while working.
Today, the 99 % of olive harvesters on market mount the motor at the bottom of the harvesting head, next to the rakes. This solution is cheaper as it is very easy to design but makes your olive harvester not perfectly balanced and not easy to use.

Please consider that the olive harvesters are generally handled on the bottom of the extension pole which means that if the motor is placed below the harvesting unit will be very hard to handle the tool for the full working day.

A comfortable use is subjected to the balance instead of the overall weight.

If the motor is placed below the extension pole, it will balance the motor.

The most powerful motor on market: 550 Watt.

* Most olive harvesters on market are generally powered by motors around 100-300 Watt.

Handle with eyelet for wire. It protects both the wire and the transmission to the motor both while working, as the wire is constantly pulled, and when you do not use it (when the olive harvester is left in vertical position on the ground).

Telescopic pole

This new telescopic pole (longer than previous models) is made of aluminium and it is extra-lightweight. It is equipped with quick release system.

Telescopic pole length: 180/270 cm.

* If you match the extension pole with the harvesting head, this olive harvester will reach 2.5 mt maximum length.

The fully extended pole is a comfortable configuration as the motor is placed at the bottom of the extension pole.

It is best suited for short olive trees. In this case we suggest you to handle the pole in the center in order to keep proper balance (as shown in the above mentioned picture) and effortlessly use it.

Product Features
Holly 180-270
Power supply:
Lead-acid battery 12V
Body material:
Technopolymer / Carbon
Typology :
12 V battery-powered
12 V battery-powered
Motor position:
At the bottom of extension pole
Speed (revolutions per minute):
1200 bpm
"Wave" rakes:
No. of teeth:
Teeth length:
25 cm
Teeth material:
High resistance technopolymers
Minimum Length:
180 cm
Maximum Length:
270 cm
Pole material:
Adjustable head:
Removable harvesting head for hand use:
Maximum power even with low battery:
Saving energy system:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor location:
At the bottom of extension pole
Motor type:
Motor type :
Motor speed levels:
Rated output (W):
450 w
Power supply:
12V battery operated
12 V
Battery recommended:
80 Ah
Running time:
10 h
Power engine:
12 V
Recharge time:
9 h
Manufacturing Country:
Extension pole :
180/270 cm - telescopic
Extension power cable:
12 m
Motor control unit with controller:
Yes - inside the motor body
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
2.8 Kg
Original packaging
Assembly time:
15 minutes

FREE: ear protection muffs, goggles, headscarf, gloves + grease spray


Ear protection muffs to work in total comfort.

The ear protection has to be appropriate: in this case the standard supplied ear muffs are especially designed to destroy the noise lever of the machine.

Protective goggles

Made of polycarbonate provided with anti-mist and scratch-resistant shield. Ventilation is granted by holes directly placed on the goggle frame to avoid mist and enhance the working comfort.

Agrieuro headscarf 100% cotton

Cotton gloves

Professional multi-purpose lithium grease spray 400 ml for the lubrication of the internal transmission gears of the olive harvester. Universal lithium grease suitable for any type of lubrication both on kinematic devices and on rotating ones.

Extra features

12 m HIGH-QUALITY extension power cable with battery clamps.

Instructions manual.


Battery not included on standard kit.