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BullMach Efesto 200 - Tractor-mounted side verge flail mower with Arm - Heavy series

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ID: 110890

EAN: 8053435091930

MPN: 110890

BullMach Efesto 200 - Tractor-mounted side verge flail mower with Arm - Heavy series
Tractor power
From 80 to 100 HP
735 Kg
Cutting width
200 cm
Standard cutting tools
Hammer flails
Opening rear flap
Pantograph arm
As standard
External gearbox
Hammer flail weight
1.2 Kg
Cardan shaft
Double spiral rotor
Product Features
Efesto 200
Tractor power:
From 80 to 100 HP
Manual shift:
Hydraulic shift:
Hydraulic shift:
Double spiral rotor:
Fixed 3-point hitch:
3-point hitch category:
Reversible three-point-hitch:
Cardan shaft rotation:
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Integrated free wheel device:
Cutting data
Cutting width:
200 cm
Wood diameter:
Up to 40 mm
No. of blades:
Standard cutting tools:
Hammer flails
Hammer flail weight:
1.2 Kg
Hammer flails:
Cutting width:
200 cm
Single row
Side drive belts:
Hydraulic Piston for moving:
Opening rear flap:
Pantograph arm:
As standard
Rear brush rakes (collection rods):
Rear support roller:
Rear adjustable Hood:
Free gifts/extra features
Side skids:
Cardan included:
Cardan shaft:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
260x225x103 cm
Net weight:
735 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
258x120x90 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
908 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
60 minutes
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BullMach Efesto 200 Side Flail Mower with Arm

The BullMach Efesto 200 side arm flail mower is a highly-efficient cleaning tool for green maintenance, ditches and hedges.

The CMR gearbox (made in Italy) ensures efficient and reliable transfer of power to the rotating drum of the flail mower. The CMR gearbox is made of high-quality materials, such as high-strength steel, in order to guarantee a considerable durability and, capable of withstand the load and stresses generated during shredder use.

The Efesto 200 model is equipped with a arm that allows a complete movement both horizontally and vertically. Thanks to this extraordinary mobility, the flail mower can be used to clean roadsides, banks and ditches. Its ability to work independently and externally from the tractor allow easy access even in difficult to reach to areas.

The BullMach Efesto 200 flail mower provides an excellent price-quality ratio and is particular suitable for users who require a high level of flexibility and customisation for in their shredding work. With its robust design and ability to adapt to different work requirements, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a flexible, high-performance tool.

It is suitable for different operations, such as:

  • Grass mowing
  • Stalks chopping
  • Pruning waste chopping
  • Hedge cutting
  • Ideal for ditches, embankments and sloping terrain

The 3-point hitch is hydraulically operated by 2 sturdy pistons mounted on the machine. The flail mower is provided with a 4-belt drive transmission.

TECHNICAL DATA (brief overview):

  • Real working width: 200 cm
  • Frame thickness: 10 mm
  • Bonnet thickness: 5 mm
  • Total width: 260 cm
  • Weight: 735 kg

ON STANDARD EQUIPMENT (brief overview):

  • Category 1° 3-point hitch.
  • 4-belt drive transmission
  • Rotor with hammers
  • PTO
  • CE compliant safety equipment

N.B. The G and H numbers in the image vary according to the size of the tractor's rear wheels

Hydraulic side and vertical shift

Vertical and side hydraulic shift is operated by 2 sturdy pistons. Equipped with four 1/2" hoses connected to the hydraulic connections on the tractor.

A very sturdy shift system. It features two flexible arms with rotating mechanisms mounted on reinforced steel bushings (Pcm).

The flail mower can work up to 90° vertically upwards - 40° downwards.

Focus on the hydraulic piston locking valve, which ensures the machine will maintain the correct operating position while the tractor is moving.

Focus on the hydraulic piston locking valve, and hydraulic piston (when the flail mower is in vertical position), which ensures the machine will maintain the correct operating position while the tractor is moving.

Cutting tools: hammer flails

No. of hammers fitted on standard equipment: 18

Focus on one of the the hammer flails (hammers) mounted on supports welded to the rotor.

Focus on the side support with hammer flails rotor inner fixing bearing.

Focus on the outer rotor anchor plate, with central opening provided with greaser.

It finely shreds grass and twigs, while simultaneously rolling the turf. Thanks to the high number of rotor revolutions and the number of hammers (hammer flails), it allows reducing the wave impact of the grass cover and performing excellent shredding operations.

Figurative image of the double-spiral rotor.

Antishock spring

This flail mower model is equipped with sturdy antishock springs, designed to absorb shocks and vibrations when using the flail mower.

These springs are positioned between the flail mower and the tractor arm, offering various benefits in terms of comfort, performance and durability.

During work, the flail mower can be subjected to significant stresses and shocks due to obstacles, potholes, etc., which can be transmitted to the tractor arm and the operator. Anti-shock springs are designed to mitigate these shocks, reducing the impact on the mechanical parts of the mower and improving operator comfort.

They act as shock absorbers, absorbing the energy generated by shocks and redistributing it evenly along the tractor arm. This reduces pressure on flail mower components such as blades, bearings and gears, contributing to a longer service life and reducing the risk of damage or breakage.

In addition, anti-shock springs help to maintain a constant pressure of the blades on the ground, even under irregular stress. This ensures an even shredding and a clean cut of the grass or plants, guaranteeing a high quality result.

Rotor, hammer flails supports, side bearings

It finely shreds grass and twigs, while simultaneously rolling the turf.

Thanks to the high rotor speed and the large number of hammers (toothed hammers), this flail mower reduces the wave effect on the turf performing an excellent shredding.

Thanks to the sharpened toothed hammers it ensures high-quality results in gardens, lawns and urban areas.

The flail mower is connected to the 3-point hitch on the rear part of the tractor.

The rotor with hammers features a 140 mm diameter.

Side belt transmission and gearbox

The CMR gearbox is made of high-quality materials, such as high-strength steel, in order to guarantee the durability and sturdiness required to withstand the load and stresses generated during shredder operation.

The belt drive of this machine is positioned externally to the rotor.

Reduction gearbox in oil bath.

4-belt side transmission featuring large section with belts protective side covering, equipped with many vents (for proper cooling).

Standard 1 3/8” z6 PTO (suitable for all current and recently manufactured tractors): whether you own a particularly old tractor, make sure that it s equipped with the same PTO and with standard clockwise rotation (right-side).

Opening housing

This tractor-mounted rough cut mower is provided with a double rear opening cover mounted on 4 sturdy hinges. The cover can be easily opened simply by removing two bolts. Also equipped with a lifting handle. Extremely convenient for internal maintenance, cleaning, tool replacement operations etc.

Lifting up the lid is extremely easy, simply by lifting the lid by means of the handles on either side of the machine.

Stabilisers - rear roller - 3 point-hitch

Self cleaning roller and 163 mm diameter rear roller supplied on standard equipment.

Sturdy set of front protective plates.

, with holes for height adjustment. It is adjustable in height with 3 different positions.

Support feet.

Focus on the safety bolt to be used only during transport (to be removed when during work)

Adjustable side support skids as standard.

Sturdy set of front protection slaps made of shaped steel.

Free items & Standard equipment

Standard equipment

The flail mower is shipped in its original packaging which includes the cardan shaft.

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