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Ardes Brasero Grill - Portable Electric Barbecue

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ID: K607125

EAN: 8004032114263


Ardes Brasero Grill - Portable Electric Barbecue
BBQ Tool-holder ApronBBQ Tool-holder Apron
Pliers, scoop, fork setPliers, scoop, fork set
Brush / scraper for your BBQBrush / scraper for your BBQ
Barbecue gloveBarbecue glove
Salt and Pepper Shakers SetSalt and Pepper Shakers Set
Body material
Grid size
44x29 cm
Total cooking surface
1276 cm²
No. of cooking heights
Iron grid
Burner capacity (Kw)
2 Kw
2° Raised warming rack
Grease recovery system
No. of diners
1.3 Kg
Product Features
Brasero Grill
Body material:
230 V Electric:
Burner capacity (Kw):
2 Kw
Total cooking surface:
1276 cm²
Grid size:
44x29 cm
No. of diners:
Cooking surface material:
Enamelled steel
Cooking surface type:
2° Raised warming rack:
Manufacturing country:
Grease recovery system:
No. of cooking grids:
No. of cooking heights:
Pull-out tray for grease recovery:
Ignition type:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
47x43x26 cm
Net weight:
1.3 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
5.7 Kg
Assembly time:
15 minutes
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Ardes Brasero Grill - Portable Electric Barbecue

The Electric Ardes Brasero Grill barbecue is a high-performance cooking device designed to offer a complete and versatile solution when it comes to cooking delicious grilled meals. The main feature of this barbecue is its large enamelled grill measuring 44 x 29 cm, which provides a generous cooking surface to meet the needs of large families or groups.

A unique feature of the Ardes Brasero Grill is the additional upper grill, which performs a dual function: on the one hand, it allows the food to be cooked slowly, resulting in smooth and succulent cooking; on the other hand, it works as a warming area, ideal for keeping food at the right temperature before serving.

The heating element of this barbecue is made of stainless steel, which guarantees long-lasting durability and quick heat distribution, ensuring optimal cooking results for a variety of dishes.

Cooking power: 2000W

In order to ensure safe and trouble-free cooking, the Ardes Brasero Grill is equipped with a splash guard and screen. These features minimise any possible fat spillage or splashes during cooking, keeping the surrounding area clean and safe.

The integrated grease tray is a further convenient feature of this barbecue, as it collects liquids and grease from cooking, further simplifying cleaning and maintenance.

The possibility to adjust the temperature is a major advantage, as it allows cooking to be customised to different culinary needs and types of food. The operating light informs the user when the barbecue is switched on and when the ideal temperature has been reached to start cooking.

Ease of cleaning is a crucial aspect for many users, and the Ardes Brasero Grill was designed with precisely this in mind. Completely detachable, this device allows the different parts to be easily separated for thorough and easy cleaning, preventing the accumulation of food residues and facilitating maintenance over time.

The metal frame of this barbecue is a byword for sturdiness and durability. Stabilising feet guarantee a solid and secure base during cooking, providing a pleasant, worry-free grilling experience.

In a nutshell, the Ardes Brasero Electric Grill barbecue is an ideal choice for barbecue enthusiasts, thanks to its large grill, stainless steel heating element, temperature regulation, safety, easy cleaning and sturdy construction.

With this device, you can enjoy moments of conviviality outdoors, while preparing tasty dishes with the convenience and culinary excellence that only a high-quality barbecue can offer.

Cooking area and other features

Cooking area with electronically adjustable temperature.

Thanks to the regulator, the temperature can be raised and lowered. The components are easily removable for easy cleaning.

Cooking surface size: 44x29 cm (1276 cm²).

Other Features:

  • Enamelled cooking grates
  • Heat control burner valve
  • Grease collection tray
  • Splash guard and screen
  • Easily demountable system
  • Upper grill for slow cooking of food
Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: BBQ apron and accessories set

Outstanding barbecue kit including:

  • A very practical BBQ apron that can contain all of the following accessories:

  • Barbecue glove, durable and comfortable
  • Kitchen set for BBQ.
    The set includes a plier, a spatula and a fork. This kit can be used both for barbecue and daily in the kitchen. Very practical to use thanks to the wooden handle
  • Salt and pepper shakers

COMPLIMENTARY: Brush / scraper for BBQ cleaning

Amazing brush / scraper to clean the grill

  • Grill cleaning brush for a TRIPLE USE.
    The brush is equipped with:
    • high-strength bristles that do not scratch the surface to clean
    • scraper for a more thorough cleaning
    • metal spatula for a highly effective cleaning between the grids

Standard equipment

The barbecue is shipped in its original packaging along with the instructions manual.

Inside the packaging will be the various parts to be assembled.

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