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AgriEuro U.B. LP-550-B Battery-Powered Floor Scubber - Dryer - Ride on - Working Width 550 mm

AgriEuro U.B. LP-550-B  Battery-Powered Floor Scubber - Dryer - Ride on - Working Width 550 mm
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Ride on
Kind of brush
Brush width
55 cm
Pressure on the brushes
35 Kg
Detergent tank capacity
90 L
Recovery tank capacity
92 L
Battery type
48 V
110 Ah
Power-assisted steering system (power steering)
Manufacturing Country
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AgriEuro U.B. LP-550-B Floor Scrubber Dryer

The AgriEuro UB floor scrubber. LP-550-B battery powered floor scrubber allows the operator to get on board and have maximum control of the scrubber. It will be possible to activate the brush or the suction process comfortably seated above the machine.

The scrubber is equipped with a pressure safety system located underneath the seat. This is why you can not start the machine unless the operator is sitting, so as to prevent an unwanted or incorrect use of the machine.

It has 4 batteries 12V and 110Ah which power the entire machine including the electrical controls. With 4 batteries this model has a power superior to the rest of the scrubbers, it has an autonomy of 5 hours of work.

It has two large tanks, one 90L tank for clean water and a 92 L tank for dirty water to allow the machine to perform cleaning of work areas up to 2750mq.

This floor scrubber and dryer is an ideal battery scrubber for cleaning small to medium size floors, especially if there are people or furniture, such as spas, clinics and medical environments in general, gyms, shops, workshops, stores in general.
The ease of maneuver, the quietness, the immediate drying allow to work safely even in the presence of passage of people during the open hours.

For cleaning using a nylon bristle brush with a working width of 550mm while rear squeegee from 790mm It allows to drag the dirty water and conveying it to below the suction tube that precisely removes it from the ground.

Ideal for cleaning surfaces up to 2750 square meters.

Why choose the disc brush?

  • Prolonged mechanical action of the bristles on the surface, suitable for persistent dirty;
  • the special inclination of the cleaning body allows a balanced dragging effect and balanced machine, favoring the maneuverability;
  • It allows the complete washing even close to walls;
  • The lowest washing mode to penetrate under the shelves

Highly effective cleaning with innovative rotating brush that removes deep dirt without being aggressive or leave stains

Technical Features

Quick release of the disc brush:

The exclusive system allows the automatic coupling of the disc brush in the ignition phase and allows the quick release manually and without the aid of tools.

Quick access to recovery tank, easy to inspect. Machine stop content thanks to the ease of construction and maintenance. Highly effective cleaning with both sides of the brush, even in hard to reach places. Large rotation of the squeegee for a rapid replacement.

The machine while making a steering tends to slow down, allowing to have a greater control of the machine even in case of narrow curves.

the machine also has a sensor inside of the recovery tank which turns it off once filled.

- Indicator clean water tank level.

- Openable compartment

- Battery operated

- Batteries

Brush and Squee-gee

Very economical and environmentally friendly: with the use of water alone can already get decent cleaning results.

In case of stubborn dirt the detergent can be added to the solution (it is advisable to add the detergent to the solution to have really optimal performance). The detergent input is carried out from a conduit that is seen in the front of the machine.

Lifting system squee-gee operated by a lever placed in the back.

Extreme accessibility and inspection of the components

Liquid discharge plug

Large load capacity of 2 tanks (water-detergent solution and dirty water) for a long autonomy of operation:

1- Red Tank => dirty water

1-Gray Tank => clean water

Non-marking wheels

Regulators squee-gee inclination.

Quick release for rubber squee-gee replacement.

- The squee-gee has wheels at the ends, to facilitate cleaning in corners.


The control panel controls all functions of the machine through the control panel it is possible to implement the following functions.

1- Ignition of the rotating brush

2 - Starting the suction motor

3 - Switch the machine on and off

4-Open the tap for water leakage.

5 - lower or raise the squeegee

6- lever to stop the engine, makes it possible to move the floor scrubber manually without lighting.

7 - Horn

8- Pedal for moving forward

9 - Battery level indicator

10- Hour meter

11 - Safety brake

Technical Features

Power supply: 4xBattery 12V 110Ah

Working width/ squeegee: 550 / 790mm

Working capacity: 2750 m2 / h

detergent tank: 90 l

Recovery stop tank: 92 L

Brush motor power: 1x400W

Suction motor power: 1x350W
Dimensions: 115x79x119 cm

Supplied accessories:

  • Brush
  • Rear Rubber Squeegee
  • Charger.
  • Batteries
Assembly tutorial of the AgriEuro U.B. LP-550-B Battery-Powered Floor Scubber - Dryer - Ride on
Product Features
U.B. LP-550-B
Body material:
floor scrubber
Drying Function :
Dirt Vacuuming Function :
Brush width:
55 cm
Kind of brush:
Output rate:
2750 m²/h
Squee-gee width:
79 cm
Squee-gee lifting:
Actioned by a lever
Brush fastening:
Pressure on the brushes:
35 Kg
Vacuum depression:
150 mmH20
Number of tanks:
Power-assisted steering system (power steering):
Detergent tank capacity:
90 L
Recovery tank capacity:
92 L
Manufacturing Country:
Ride on :
Motor data
No. of motors:
Motor/Engine brand:
Motor type:
Battery powered
Vacuum motor (max):
400 watt
Vacuum motor (max):
350 W
Power supply:
Battery type:
48 V
110 Ah
Running time:
5 h
Running time:
300 min
Noise level:
50 dB(A)/7m
Height adjustable handle:
Rubber-coated soft grip:
Foldable/collapsible handlebar/s:
Analog instrument panel with warning light:
Free gifts/extra features
Wooden pallet (Safe shipment):
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
115x79x119 cm
Net weight:
125 Kg
On pallet
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
250 Kg
Assembly time:

Standard Equipment

The floor scrubber and dryer is shipped in its original packaging. Instruction manual

Charger provided