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AgriEuro 170 Standard Series 5 Tynes Tractor-mounted Ripper - With Steel Gauge Wheels

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AgriEuro 170 Standard Series 5 Tynes Tractor-mounted Ripper - With Steel Gauge Wheels
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Pair of small adjustable wheelsPair of small adjustable wheels
Working width
170 cm
Working depth
45 cm
Tractor power
60-80 HP
Clod shattering fins
Manufacturing country
Product Features
170 Standard with 5 tynes
Tractor power:
60-80 HP
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Working depth:
45 cm
Working width:
170 cm
Working depth:
45 cm
Ground clearance:
68 cm
Free gifts/extra features
Safety bolts:
Reversible and replaceable tine:
Small depth wheels:
Clod shattering fins:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
370 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
200 x 90 x 120 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
380 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
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AgriEuro tractor-mounted ripper

The AgriEuro 170 tractor-mounted 5 tyne ripper is a sturdy machine that, once connected to the tractor by means the 3-point hitch, allows subsoiling (or scarifying) the soil.

Subsoiling consists of breaking up the compact, more or less deep layers of soil. This process is commonly alternated with tilling, which does not turn the soil, but breaks up clods.

This specific soil preparation process allows:

  • A considerable saving in time, halving the time needed to till the soil with a tiller;
  • Preserving the content of organic substance and micro-organisms in the soil;
  • Increasing in useful space for roots;
  • Increasing in drainage capacity;
  • Improving permeability and aeration;
  • Not leaving the tillage pan, differently from ploughing;


  • Total width: 200 cm
  • Working width: 170 cm
  • Tynes thickness: 25 mm
  • Tynes width: 70 mm
  • Tynes length: 30 mm
  • Plows thickness: 16 mm
  • Plows width: 30 mm
  • Working depth: 30-45 cm
  • Ground clearance: 68 cm
  • Weight: 370 Kg


The force required for a ripper is generally less than that required for a plough. This makes it possible to operate on an area almost twice as large as the one that can be tilled with a tiller.

This tyne subsoiler (also called Ripper) features a working depth of up to 30-45 cm depending on the power of the tractor. The machine is connected to the tractor via te 3-point hitch and operated by the hydraulic lift.

The ripper function is particularly effective with compact, dry soil, allowing it to be broken up effectively. Indeed, thanks to its action, the soil will be loosened on the surface and marked by a series of small furrows.

The tillage from the bottom up creates a certain amount of macro-porosity and crumbling in the soil, thus causing little or no change in the profile of the layers. In not very compact soils, the operation is in any case effective in breaking up clamps and improving water drainage.

This multi tyne ripper consists of a sturdy support frame and 5 tynes, shaped and angled forward to facilitate effective soil penetration due to the tractor fast forward motion.

Main features

This ripper is equipped with sturdy tynes featuring a safety device with bolt. They are mounted on a double bar tubular frame.

The tyne subsoiler will come with a wade range of accessories:

  • 3-Point hitch:
  • Safety bolt on each tine that protects the cultivator against damage in case of hitting a rock or a buried root. Indeed the bolt is designed to break on impact, preventing further damage.
  • Reversible and replaceable tyne;
  • Pairs of adjustable iron gauge wheels
  • Pairs of clod shattering fins which allow a better and more effective soil tillage.

Pins size:

  • A (height from the lowest pin to the ground): 106.5 cm
  • B (distance between pins): 71.5 cm
  • C (height from the lowest pin to the ground) 59 cm
Free items & Standard equipment

Standard equipment

The tractor-mounted ripper is shipped on pallet.

Instructions and assembly manual.

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