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Yard Force E559 Battery-powered Riding-on Mower - 56V/50Ah - Grass Collection Bag, Side Discharge and Mulching

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ID: K606945

EAN: 6939500735836

MPN: E559

Yard Force E559 Battery-powered Riding-on Mower - 56V/50Ah - Grass Collection Bag, Side Discharge and Mulching
2 Replacing ripping blades2 Replacing ripping blades
Cover sheetCover sheet
Grass collector
Side discharge
Mulching cutting system
Standard equipment
Motor type
Battery type
Battery voltage
56 V
50 Ah
No. of batteries
Recommended operating area
2500 s.q. m.
Cutting width
96 cm
No. of blades
Collection basket capacity
220 l
Reverse speed cutting
Blade engagement
Gear shifting system
Body material
Enamelled steel
Product Features
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Grass collection system:
Standard equipment
Side discharge cutting system:
Standard equipment
Mulching cutting system:
Standard equipment
Cutting system:
3 in 1 - Collection + Mulching + Side discharge
Collection bag capacity:
220 L
Collection basket capacity:
220 l
Recommended operating area:
2500 s.q. m.
Cruise control:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Battery type:
Battery type:
Battery voltage:
56 V
50 Ah
No. of batteries:
Working autonomy:
120 min
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Gear shifting system:
Transmission type:
No. of forward speeds:
No. of reverse speeds:
Forward speed:
max 12.9 km/h
Reverse speed:
4.8 km/h
Operating mode:
Foot operated
Cutting data
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Cutting width:
96 cm
No. of blades:
Blade type:
Cutting blades + mulching
Blade engagement:
Max. cutting height:
114 mm
Min. cutting height:
38 mm
No. of cutting positions:
Reverse cutting system:
Non-marking wheels:
Washing joint:
Cruise control:
Collection bag:
Standard equipment
Grass discharge side deflector:
Battery level light:
Front Bull Bar:
On Standard equipment
Reverse speed blade engagement:
Electric start with key :
Rear wheels size:
16x6.5x 8
Front wheels size:
15x5x 6
Seat type:
High backrest:
Seat adjustment:
Can holder:
Free gifts/extra features
Mulching kit:
On standard equipment
Wooden pallet (safe shipping):
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Net weight:
185 Kg
Original packaging on pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
230 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
30 minutes
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Yard Force E559 Battery-powered Riding-on Mower

The Yard Force E559 battery-powered riding-on mower with grass collection system , side discharge and mulching cut is a powerful and durable machine, ideal for cutting grass on large green areas with little maintenance.

The side discharge feature allows freshly cut grass to be ejected sideways, thus eliminating the need to collect it. This cutting mode is particularly recommended in areas where grass collection is not required, making maintenance more efficient.

It ensures easy and intuitive driving thanks to the pedal transmission: simply press the pedal to move forward or reverse.
3 in 1 cutting systems:
  • 220L collection bag (specific blades supplied for free)
  • Side discharge
  • Mulching cut
The mulching plug, which allows the grass to be shredded very finely and then discharged on the ground, is included in the package. This cutting system allows great finishing results, avoiding the Operator the effort of disposing grass clippings. Furthermore, the grass left on the ground will turn into water and nutrients, creating a natural biological cycle.

The riding-on mower provides 12 cutting positions that can be adjusted through a lever located near the driver's seat, allowing cutting heights from 38 to 114 mm.

The blades are electromagnetically powered through a red button on the control panel, improving both safety and working speed.

The LED front lights allow the riding-on mower to be used even in low light conditions.

  • Max. forward speed: 12.9 Km/h
  • Max. reverse speed: 8 km/h

Sturdy two-blade steel cutting deck with a total cutting width of 96 cm

Equipped with a "controlled hill descent" function that enables the tractor to tackle rapid descents in a controlled and safe manner.

Warning: never cross sideways on high slopes to avoid the machine overturning.

Battery-powered electric motor

This riding-on mower is powered by a smart and powerful 56 V/50Ah electric motor. (1 Lithium batteries)

Easy access to the battery compartment. The small cover under the folding seat allows reaching the battery inside it. The charging socket, on the other hand, is placed on the rear part of the machine and can be recognised by an orange button.

Low emissions and much more silent, as well as minimal maintenance, as they aren’t fitted with parts that can easily worn or break such as filters, spark plugs, etc...

  • Battery life: 120 minutes
  • Charging Time: 8 hours
  • No. of batteries: 1
  • Battery charger input 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 4.5A
  • Battery charger output: 57.6V DC, 7.5A
  • Max. forward speed: 12.9 km/h
  • Max. reverse speed: 4.8 km/h

2 Cutting systems

The machine is provided with 3 cutting systems:

1- COLLECTION BAG: with the 220L collection system mounted, the riding-on mower will collect the grass cuttings directly into the bag. This allows leaving the lawn clean and choosing where emptying the bag. The installation is very simple and requires just a few steps, all you have to do is assemble the frame and then mount the bag (read the instruction booklet).

2- SIDE DISCHARGE: this is the most traditional cutting system which allows cutting the grass without collecting it into the grass collector. For those who have to mow large-sized areas without needing to collect grass, for who doesn’t cut grass too often and has to cut over-grown grass for which the mulching or the grass collection system are no longer efficient.

3- MULCHING: this grass mowing system allows crushing grass clippings and dropping them on the ground. The resulting grass particles are so small, they will be barely noticeable on the lawn. This eliminates the problem of its disposal (reducing any effort and shortening the time-saving). Moreover, grass clippings will break down into nutrients and water for the lawn (grass is 80% water) and will thus ensure a perfectly balanced biological cycle. However, it is worth remembering that, to ensure the greatest mulching results, the lawn should be irrigated and the grass needs cutting at least once a week.

Simply close the side discharge with the proper plug to convert the machine from a cutting system to another one.

- Focus on the mulching plug housing


Together with the collection bag there are also two specific spare blades; if you want maximum efficiency, mount the blades first and then the bag.

Riding-on mower controls

Riding-on mower controls and adjustments:

  • Centralised cutting height adjustment lever.
  • Brake and accelerator pedals
  • Electromagnetic blade engagement , pull the button to operate the blades; push it to stop them
  • Parking brake
  • Focus on the control panel:
    • RMO allows operating blade even while working in reverse mode
    • CCS is cruise control, allowing you to maintain a fixed speed
    • Button to switch the LED headlight on/off
    • Key unit for machine ON/OFF
    • Battery charging level indicator and odometer.
    • Machine drive selector: forward, neutral and reverse (F; N; R)

Machine equipped with a patented parking function that assists the user when storing the riding-on mower.

Cutting deck

Sturdy die-cast 2-blade cutting deck: it is a sturdy, stainless steel deck designed to mow high and thick grass.

Cutting width 96 cm

The centralised cutting height is adjustable in 12 positions, from 38 mm to 114 mm.

The mowing blades of the riding-on mower can be set through the controls on the dashboard (red button): then the machine is equipped with an electromagnetic cutting blades engagement.

- Focus on the cutting deck

- Focus on the blades

Focus on the washing joint.

Focus on the two anti-scalp wheels

Blade speed: 3500 rpm/max

Other features

Riding-on mower additional features:

  • Comfort seat: adjustable to suit your needs
  • Springs on the seat: to ensure greater comfort
  • 2 Anti-skid wheels: allow the cutting deck to adapt the ground better
  • 'Large-sized tyres: they ensure higher care of the lawn and great adherence to the ground and traction on a riding-on mower (15"x5"x6" front, 16"x6.5"x8" rear).
  • Can holder compartment: Convenient for storing the drink during the break
  • Ergonomic steering wheel
  • USB charging socket
  • Focus on the riding-on mower charging (charger supplied)
  • LED headlight: additional lighting during night use or in poor visibility conditions.
  • Tow hitch
  • Cruise control
  • Safety seat switch
  • LED screen
Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: Heavy-duty Storage and Protection Cover Cloth for Riding-on Mowers and Mini-riders

Essential for protecting your riding-on mower when not in use.

This cloth is fast and easy to apply, within seconds your machine is protected from dust and moisture.

It features an elastic lower edge to perfectly adhere to the bottom shape of the riding-on mower.

Also equipped with a ventilation system

Easy to fold and store in its box, it takes up very little space.

Free items included

The riding-on mower is shipped in its original packaging with metal box, together with:

  • Assembly kit
  • Battery charger.
  • Mulching plug.
  • Grass collector 220L
  • Two specific spare blades
  • The instructions manual is included in the package.
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