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Worx XMWG894E.5 battery powered electric hacksaw, Li-ion 20V, 2 Ah, 3 blades supplied in standard equipment

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Worx XMWG894E.5 battery powered electric hacksaw, Li-ion 20V, 2 Ah, 3 blades supplied in standard equipment
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Motor type
2 Ah
No. of batteries
Battery type
Blade length
15 cm
Shared battery
Multi-tool battery
20 V
Product Features
For pruning
Operating mode:
Items included:
Battery and battery charger included
At the top
Upper grip:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Battery type:
Battery type:
20 V
2 Ah
No. of batteries:
Working autonomy:
60 min
Charging time:
300 min
Cutting data
Blade length:
15 cm
Blade type:
Lithium battery:
Shared battery:
Multi-tool battery
Bar/chain quick release knob:
Rubber-coated soft grip:
Tank level indicator:
Free gifts/extra features
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
34x15x13 cm
Net weight:
2.2 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
34x15x13 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
3 Kg
Assembly time:
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Worx WG894E.5 Electric Pruning Shears

The Worx WG894E.5 electric shear is a 20V Li-Ion battery-powered machine suitable for small cuttings of wood and iron.

It is a handy and light hacksaw (just 1.3 kg weight)

It is very handy and provides excellent performances. Despite its lightweight, the machine enables to operate in full autonomy up to 1 hour thanks to the 20V from 2 to 4 Ah batteries (2 Ah battery included in the packaging) that takes 30 minutes to reach 80% of the loading and 5 hours for a full loading.

Some outstanding features of this model of electric pruning shears:

  • Interchangeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Two cutting blades
  • Light and ergonomic
  • Battery autonomy: approx. 1 hour

Main features

The Worx WG894E.5 electric hacksaw enables to make cuttings of up to 60 mm thick wood and up to 10 mm thick iron.

Quick replacing of the blades:

Blades are easily replaceable; just press on the button located aside the hacksaw and remove the blade.

No extra tools needed.

The hacksaw is compatible with blades featuring 1/2" universal connection.

Electric engine and battery

The 20V lithium-ion Worx battery can be recharged anytime (like a cellular phone, it has no memory effect). It lasts 3 times more than a common battery. The battery charge is provided with a useful charge indicator.

Advantages of the electric model:

  • It offers more reliability than a petrol strimmer thanks to its electric motor. It doesn’t have spark plugs, filters, dip tubes, carburetors etc. That’s to say any part that may cause difficulties
  • Much lighter
  • Zero maintenance needed, for the above mentioned reasons
  • Lower consumption and reduced operational costs compared to petrol models (cutting requires a power supply worth a few cents). Moreover, the operator won’t have to restock on fuel (which should be constantly fresh for petrol engines).
  • Zero vibrations, thanks to the electric motor. By contrast, nearly all petrol powered machines that don’t feature a steel springs anti-vibration system, have a very high vibration level which makes them scarcely comfortable for the operator
  • Zero smoke emission, zero impact on the environment and, more importantly, on the operator’s health
  • Much lower noise levels and, thus, more pleasant to use compared to petrol models

Lithium-Ion battery with battery charger


Fast battery connection: it can be disconnected and removed from the machine with a simple gesture, by pressing the fast connection button.

Voltage: 20V
Amperage: 2 Ah

This handy battery can be charged any time and it's not subject to memory effect (it does not tend to die after numerous recharges) so it offers constant power.

It comes with a handy charger (it can be connected to the home power supply, just like a mobile phone).

Charging time: 5 hours

The battery is to be connected to the charger the same way you connect it to the electric chainsaw.

For a much longer working autonomy the operator can purchase extra batteries.

Advantages of the Lithium Battery

LONGER DURATION: lasts up to 3 times longer than traditional Nickel-Cadmium batteries so it can be used for long periods without recharging. Perfect for medium-large gardens.

FULL CHARGE FOR THE ENTIRE BATTERY DURATION: the Lithium-Ion battery charge does not decrease. Nickel-cadmium batteries gradually lose power. Lithium battery cells have a constant power level during the whole cycle. Thus, the battery charge is constant from the beginning until the end and the motor rpm rate doesn't decrease. The battery provides full power before it dies completely.

LONG CHARGE DURATION: Lithium-Ion batteries last 3-4 times longer than traditional Nickel-Cadmium batteries and their power storage lasts longer so they lose less power. Lithium batteries allow up to 2.000 charge cycles!

REDUCED WEIGHT: Lithium batteries have the best power-weight ratio. A lithium battery weighs 1/3 of a nickel-cadmium battery on average.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Lithium battery-powered tools can be recycled and they are not made with heavy metals.

ZERO MEMORY EFFECT: Lithium batteries can be recharged any time without the negative memory effect. They offer maximum power after hundreds of charge cycles. Charging the battery for a few minutes will supply enough power to get the work done.

LOW POWER LOSS RATE: The power loss rate is up to 5 times lower than that of Nickel-Cadmium batteries so this tool will be ready for use even after very long breaks.

BATTERY CHARGER: Lithium battery chargers allow reducing power consumption by 35% on average. Professional long-lasting air filter.

Free items & Standard equipment

Standard equipment

The hacksaw comes assembled in its original packaging.

Instructions manual, [x=4388443 interchangeable blades[/x], battery and charger included.

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