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TIG Inverter Welders ► TIG HF AC/DC for Heavy-duty Welding (also for Aluminium) & MMA Welders with Scratch TIG for Amateurs


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TIG welders

TIG welders

TIG welding is a welding technique involving the use of an infusible tungsten electrode, protected by inert gas.
It is one of the most popular methods as it ensures very high joint quality, but can be performed only by highly specialised Operators.

A wide range of TIG welding machines: when to consider buying one?

The welding machines listed here are designed for the Operator who needs to use the TIG process to perform precise and accurate operations. With this process it is possible to weld many different metals: stainless steel, copper, nickel, etc.
TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) works by using the heat generated by an electric arc created between the piece to be welded and a tungsten electrode, with the protection of Argon gas.

Powered by standard household current, these welders allow performing continuous operations in short time. The catalogue includes models of MMA + TIG welding machines, TIG Lift and HF DC inverters and TIG HF AC/DC inverters.

The welding process:

The process consists of bringing the electrode onto the weld pool via the torch.
The Operator can thus weld the material moving in total freedom and maintaining a safe distance. The result of this technique is the welding bead.
This equipment required to perform this operation is the following:

  • The welding machine
  • The torch
  • The gas cylinder
  • The metal rod

Shielding gas for TIG welding

For efficient welding, shielding gas must be introduced on both sides of the joint.
The most commonly used gases for this welding method are argon and helium, either separately or mixed with other gases such as hydrogen.
However, these two gases are preferred because they have many advantages:

  • They make the welding arc more stable
  • They have reduced penetration, which is very useful when welding thin parts
  • Affordable price
  • Clean on light metals


The advantages of this working method are the great tightness of the welding joints and the aesthetic appearance.
At the same time, however, we are talking about a slow work process with a risk of porosity, as well as being difficult to process and requiring highly qualified users.

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