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TIG Lift & HF DC Inverter Welders ► Heavy-duty Tig Torches for perfect Tig Welding

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We offer several TIG HF DC models. Tig inverter welders from our catalogue are manufactured by Deca, Telwin and Awelco. Made in Italy products, performing and reliable. Tig welders are perfect for demanding amateurs and professionals.

The convenient filters available allow you to choose:

  • Welder equipment
  • Max. Amperes
  • Duty Cycle 40°C

SILTIG 415 inverter welder is a tig portable machine that allows standard electrode welding and using TIG LIFT, which allows for high-precision work and arc striking without wearing the tungsten electrode. The welder is equipped with HOT START system, a boost of additional power that facilitates arc striking, in case of electrodes that are difficult to strike. Also equipped with ANTI-STICKING device, which allows you to easily detach the electrode if it remains glued to the piece. Furthermore, when the welding arc is kept short, the ARC FORCE system increases the Amperes. MASTROTIG 218 DC is a heavy-duty inverter DC welder which can perform TIG function in a very performing way thanks to its panel control with adjustable settings. Besides, AgriEuro presents an AC DC welder, inverter TIG welder MASTROTIG 216 AC/DC, which can work with both direct and alternate current. This is a heavy-duty machine which allows to weld every metal up to 5 mm thickness. MASTROTIG 216 AC/DC is a tig welder for aluminium since alternate current allows to weld aluminium and magnesium.

All you need for Transportation, construction works, repairs and DIY activities . A range of over TIG Lift and HF DC Inverter Welders at the best price sale on the online market.
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