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Welders Usable electrodes MMA 1.6 - 3.25

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Inverter and transformer welders: which to choose?

AgriEuro offers a wide range of over 180 models of inverter and transformer welders. Our offer ranges from home welders, ideal for individual use, to inverter heavy-duty welders. Well-known manufacturers such as Telwin, Deca, Stanley, Awelco or Einhell.

Choosing the perfect inverter welder is easier thanks to the filters available. Besides choosing different manufacturers, prices and product levels, you can also choose:

  • machine type
  • welder equipment
  • max. amperes
  • 40°C duty cycle
  • +/- 30% motor generator

About the machine type, our offer is divided into three categories:

Among these type of welders, we can distinguish further categories:

  • MMA transformer welders: AC electrode welders
  • MMA inverter welders: the classic electrode welders, the most popular among users
  • MMA inverter welders with tig function: they feature both classic electrode welding and tig function for more precise jobs
  • TIG welders: ideal for precision work
  • MIG transfomer wire welders: AC continuous wire welders
  • MIG inverter wire welders : you can find both gas and no gas wire welders
  • plasma cutters: machines that allow you to cut all metals (iron, inox, aluminium, brass, copper)

Welder equipment : includes all items and complimentary products that come together with the machine: there are several options. The customer can purchase a "machine only" model or equipped with several accessories, such as the kit with electrode holder, ground clamp, cables, brush/hammer and plastic helmet; some models feature an extremely convenient plastic case to store the welder and its accessories. Moreover, we offer some Telwin welders featuring amazing heavy-duty CASCO helmets.

Amperes determine the welding current and thus the power of the machine.

The duty cycle is a very important feature to choose the perfect product. It indicates how much the machine can work given a certain welding current. This technical data is established at a temperature of 40° as required by regulations, of course if you work at lower temperatures with cold machine, the duty cycle will be longer.

A useful information is the possibility to connect the welder to a current generator: some welders can be connected to generators, withstanding voltage fluctuations of +/- 30%, while others of only 15%. If not mentioned in the description, this feature is not available.

AgriEuro offers a wide range of the most popular and appreciated brands on the market:

  • Telwin
  • Deca
  • Stanley
  • Awelco

Telwin is the world leading manufacturer for welders, cutting systems and battery chargers. Telwin welders guarantee all the Made in Italy quality. For over 50 years innovation, reliabilty and constant improvement have been Telwin highlights. Today it can offer the widest and most complete range of the field. Telwin models are ideal for welder beginners, these Italian machines stand for their conveniency and safety. Telwin range also includes heavy-duty machines. Telwin products are top range in all fields: electrode welders, TIG, wire welders and plasma cutters. The range of MMA electrode welders is ruled by Telwin with FORCE models: these are the most popular electrode welder models on the market.

Deca products are reliable and high-quality. Made in Italy guarantee. Deca range is the widest and most complete, including all products: MMA inverter welders, tig inverter welders, wire inverter welders and plasma cutters. Among our Deca inverter models you can find products of all levels: domestic for amateurs, semi-professionals for more demanding private users and heavy-duty. SIL is Deca series of the smallest and most affordablewelders with inverter inverter tig function. We move up a level with MOS and MASTRO series. Within TIG category, in ascending order of price and professional level we find Deca SILTIG, MASTROTIG and DECATIG series. Even in the wire welder category we find both domestic and heavy-duty models such as D-mig and DECAMIG. Lastly, we present two plasma cutter models from I-PAC series, among which KOMPRESSOR model features an integrated compressor.

Stanley inverter welders and Awelco inverter welders are Made in Italy products, high-quality and high-performing. You can find Stanley and Awelco models in all machines types and levels, thus offering a complete range. In addition, Stanley and Awelco feature transformer models: products with lower technology and higher convenience, ideal for users who are not inverter enthusiasts such as mechanics, locksmiths etc.

Our catalogue also includes a wide range ofi welding accessories.

All you need for Workshop and Do-It-Yourself . A range of over 117 Welders at the best price sale on the online market.
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