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Volpi KV390 - Electric pruning shear - 2x 21.6V 2.5Ah + Extension pole

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ID: K607611


MPN: KV390+KV390EXT220

Volpi KV390 - Electric pruning shear - 2x 21.6V 2.5Ah + Extension pole
Holster for pruning shearsHolster for pruning shears
Multi-purpose Lithium spray grease - 400 mlMulti-purpose Lithium spray grease - 400 ml
Deltaplus Thermal GlovesDeltaplus Thermal Gloves
Cofra Airplume GlovesCofra Airplume Gloves
Sharpener for scissorsSharpener for scissors
Progressive cut
No. of blade openings
Pole Use
Manual use
Motor type
Battery type
21.6 V
Real voltage
21.6 V
Rated voltage
21.6 V
No. of batteries
2.5 Ah
Available amperes
5 Ah
Integrated battery
Battery indicator
LCD display
Max. Branch Diameter
40 mm
Pole length
220 cm
Pruning shears weight
1200 gr
Shears holster
Tool case
Product Features
Items included:
Battery and battery charger included
Recommended for olive grove:
Manual use:
Integrated battery:
Pruning shears weight:
1200 gr
Pole length:
220 cm
Battery weight:
360 gr
Pole type:
Pole Use:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Battery type:
Power supply:
Real voltage:
21.6 V
Rated voltage:
21.6 V
21.6 V
Battery indicator:
2.5 Ah
Available amperes:
5 Ah
Battery no.:
No. of batteries:
Working autonomy:
6 h
Charging time:
180 min
Manufacturing country:
Cutting data
Max. Branch Diameter:
40 mm
No. of cutting positions:
Attachable on pole:
No. of blade openings:
Nr. of cutting functions:
Progressive cut:
Shears holster:
Lithium battery:
Rubber-coated soft grip:
LCD display:
Electronic unit separated from the shears:
Integrated in the shears
Shears holster:
Tool case:
Free gifts/extra features
Lubricant spray for blades:
Sharpening stone:
Battery charger:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
32x7x12 cm
Net weight:
1.2 Kg
Small suitcase
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
43x37x11 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
4.3 Kg
Assembly time:
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Volpi KV390 Cordless Pruning Shears + Extension Rod

The KV390EXT220 Extension and the Volpi KV390 Cordless Scissors with Progressive Cut are an ideal combination for plant maintenance, adapting to various cutting requirements due to their versatility.

The extension, adjustable in five positions from 160 cm to 220 cm, is compatible with KV390 scissors and equipped with a display to show the battery charge status, offering an immediate check on the remaining energy.

The scissors have a brushless motor and gear-driven movement system, with two adjustable cutting openings and a maximum opening of 40 mm, allowing the ideal width to be chosen for each type of cut.

In addition, the quick stand-by power-off function conserves battery power when not in use.

The KV390 includes a convenient LCD showing the number of total and partial cuts, as well as the battery charge percentage in real time.

Two 21.6 V, 2.5 Ah batteries are included with the scissors, guaranteeing a battery life of about 6 hours depending on use, and recharge times are 2 to 3 hours.

The Volpi Professional Line, under the ORIGINAL VOLPI brand name, offers a wide range of items, both manual and electric, and is aimed at the discerning consumer who is looking for a professional product for frequent use, high performance and reliable over time.

The scissors' accessories compartment is complete, including a practical carrying case, a set of adjustment tools, a vial of oil and a vial of grease for lubrication, as well as no less than two21.6V 2.5Ah lithium batteries with attached charger.


Performance and power:Cutting capacity: Ø 40 mm (max). The cutting blades are made of steel

Progressive cut: with this mode, the operator can choose and change the blade opening, allowing different solutions to cut tree branches.

Detail of total and partial cut counting display and battery charge level indicator

Ergonomic handle detail: light and strong, it ensures excellent handling and comfort of use.

Extension length in 5 positions from 1.6 m to 2.2 m

Machine weight with battery: 1.2 Kg

Machine weight without battery: 0.8 Kg

Weight of scissor with extension rod complete with battery: 2.6 Kg

2 Li-Ion Batteries 21.6 V 2.5 Ah


2 2.5Ah 21.6V lithium-ion batteries, which stands out to be among the world's highest technologies.

Lightweight and high-performing, these batteries recharge in a very short time. They ensure a running time of approx. 6 hours and a charging time of 2/3 hours.

These batteries do not feature the memory effect, and they can be recharged even if not fully run out, thus constantly maintaining the highest performing levels.

No overheating issues, ensuring maximum safety and longer life than standard lithium-ion batteries.

The battery is provided with quick connecting-release mode.

In the pair of scissors, the battery charge is indicated with lines.

KV390EXT220 extension cable

The 'KV390EXT220 extension' is an accessory for users of Volpi KV390scissors.

Equipped with a display to show the battery charge status, it gives the user an immediate check on the remaining energy.

Its length is adjustable in five positions, varying from 155 cm to 225 cm, thus allowing exceptional adaptability to different work requirements.

The battery housing is compatible with 21.6V 4.0Ah and 21.6V 2.5Ahbatteries, offering flexibility in battery selection according to specific needs.

Lithium Battery Advantages

LONGER LIFE: up to 3 times higher than nickel–cadmium batteries, reducing the need to recharge during long periods of use.
Ideal for medium-large gardens.

FULL CHARGE FOR THE ENTIRE BATTERY LIFE: the charge of the lithium-ion batteries does not fade. Unlike nickel-cadmium batteries, which power gradually decreases, lithium-ion batteries, cells maintain constant power throughout the entire cycle. The same charge for the entire cycle without reducing the motor speed. The battery is running at full power until its complete exhaustion.

LONGER CHARGE LIFE: lithium-Ion batteries last 3–4 times longer than traditional Nickel-Cadmium batteries and their power storage lasts longer, so they lose less power. Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged up to 2000 times!

LIGHTWEIGHT: Lithium-ion batteries have the best power-weight rate. They weight 1/3 of nickel-cadmium ones.

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Lithium-ion battery-powered tools are recyclable and are produced without heavy metals.

NO MEMORY EFFECT: lithium-ion batteries can be recharged at any time without negative memory effect. Indeed, they don't fail to provide maximum power even after hundreds of charge cycles.
Few minutes of charge are enough to complete the work.

LOW DISCHARGE RATE: low loss of charge rate (up to 5 times lower than nickel-cadmium batteries) so your machine will be ready to use even after months of storage.

BATTERY CHARGER: lithium-ion batteries chargers allow reducing energy consumption by an average of 35%.

Free items & Standard equipment

COMPLIMENTARY: use and maintenance kit for pruning shears

Use and maintenance kit for pruning shears consisting of:

  • 1 400 ml professional universal Lithium spray for pruning shears lubrication, multi tool Lithium grease specifically intended for any lubrication requirements on both mechanical and rotating components.
  • 1 Sharpener for pruning shears, ideal for sharpening blades of pruning shears, garden shears, grafting knives and loppers. Equipped with two grits, one for roughing and one for finishing.
  • 1 Pair of Deltaplus Thermal gloves for extreme protection against cold weather (maximum -30°C), ideal for winter season.
  • 1 Pair of Cofra Airplume gloves, highly-adherent and elastic gloves designed for ensuring maximum comfort and ease of movement.

FREE ITEM: Shear Holster

FREE ITEM: Practical holster for electric shears with adjustable strap. The holster will allow you to always have your shears at hand safely.

Free Items Included

The pruning shears are shipped in their original case, together with:

  • 2 21.6V 2.5 Ah batteries and battery charger;
  • Maintenance set;
  • Instruction Manual;
  • Extension pole
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