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Tractor mounted orchard sprayer Oma 300 lt with Comet APS 51 Pump.

Flow rate
50.7 l/min
Max. operating pressure
40 bar
Tank capacity
300 l
Manufacturing Country
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ID: K4326
EAN: 9900000001681
MPN: NGI0300002

300 L Oma tractor orchard spraying unit

The tractor mounted Oma 300 lt orchard sprayer with Comet APS 51 pump is an orchard sprayer for medium-big size crops.

It is composed of a full emptying tank, hand washing tank and circuit washing tank, all made of polyethylene.

Connected to tractor with 3 point linkage (the enamel painted steel frame is already supplied).

Sprayer is equipped with Comet APS 51 high pressure pump, a 3 diaphragms pump, with a 3 ways Comet pressure adjuster.

Attention: cardan shaft's price is not included with the product's price.

Accessories separately sold

Here below are some accessories that can be applied to the OMA sprayer.

Steel hose reel with 100 mt blue wire reinforced high pressure (25 bar) hose with brass lever lance.

Steel hose reel with 100 mt blue wire reinforced high pressure (25 bar) hose with brass high pressure lance.

Steel hose reel with 100 mt blue wire reinforced high pressure (25 bar) hose with spray guns.

Pair of stainless steel spraying booms with 4+4 brass nozzles provided with spray protectors.

Mechanical weed killing spray boom made of zinc-plated steel, 8 mt and 20 membrane jets.

Herbicide and pesticide mechanical shielded under vine boom two nozzles.

Pair of spray guns with 3+3 brass turbo jets for treatments.

Steel hose reel with 100 mt blue wire reinforced high pressure (25 bar) hose without accessories as on standard equipment.

All the Accessories can be purchased at the RELATED PRODUCTS section.

Comet APS 51 Pump

Comet APS 51 high pressure pump has a new 3 membranes configuration. Provided with internal manifolds. Quick inspection of suction-delivery valves, located on the delivery side. Valve housing and plate are made of stainless steel.


Diaphragms / pistons
Flow rate
50,7 l/min
40,0 bar
5,2 HP
16,4 Kg

It works with:

  • up to 5 manual lances (o knob lances) simultaneously
  • 2 HIGH PRESSURE lances simultaneously
  • 2 two side spray booms with 4 nozzles each
  • 1 weed killing bar up to 10 metres

3 ways pressure adjustment unit

It is a Comet manufacturing pump, GCP series, 3 ways. It has 3 ways, all available, each one provided with faucet.

The two horizontal overflow faucets can be used to connect a pair of orchard/olive groves spray guns or stainless steel vineyards booms etc... while the upper vertical overflow faucet is very useful to connect a hose reel, or a hose directly connected to a spray lance or a spray gun for manual spraying.

All the pressure adjustment unit can be moved to the tractor's cockpit by only purchasing the transfer distance kit (which extend the hoses).

Enamel painted steel heavy frame

Heavy hot enamel painted steel frame with 3 point tractor linkage.

The lifter's coupling are provided with pins.

This sprayer is provided with two special vertical bars, where the long bracket kits can be applied.

Brackets are useful for the many weed killing accessories attachment.

Sample configuration 1

Sample configuration 2

General Features

Polyethylene tank, full emptying.

Additional tank for the operator’s hand washing.

Circuit washing tank for the tank’s inner, the hoses, and tools washing at the end of the job. To activate it, is necessary to open the cartridge filter’s faucet.

Outer degree scale level reader particular provided with small sphere for the tank's liquid level reading.

Hydraulic agitator, for the continuous solution mixing inside the tank. It also has a high pressure jet addressed to the centre of the tank.

Outer suction filter provided with self filling device (The hose needed for the self filling must be purchased separately and it is proposed in the related Products Section).

Inner filter for the residuals and dirt filtering when filling the tank.

Hand washing circuit faucet.

Full tank emptying faucet.

Product Features
OMA 300 lt APS 51
Typology :
for spraying treatments
tractor mounted
Flow rate:
50.7 l/min
Max. operating pressure:
40 bar
Tank capacity:
300 l
Manufacturing Country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
APS 51
Pump type:
three membranes
Flow Rate:
50.7 lt/min
Operating pressure:
40 bar
Manufacturing Country:
optional accessories
Tool bars:
Distributor group:
Free gifts/extra features
Mounting brackets kit:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Assembly time:

Free gifts and standard equipment

The sprayer is shipped on pallet with accurate packing, provided with owner’s manual and hardware kit.

Joints to connect the pressure adjustment unit. It is useful to draw up water from outer water flows or any other water reserve. It must be applied before the draw up filter.

Joints to be connected to the pressure adjustment unit.

Four metres 10 mm high pressure hose suitable for the accessories linkage to the pressure adjusting unit. Provided with two locking clamps.

Two long brackets for the accessories fixing to the frame: suitable to connect the mostof the many accessories on market.