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TORNADO UN 600/71/700 - Tractor-Mounted Mist Blower for Spraying

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ID: K501875

EAN: 9993089177743

MPN: UNP600/71/700

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TORNADO UN 600/71/700 - Tractor-Mounted Mist Blower for Spraying
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Tank capacity
600 l
Fan diameter Ø
700 mm
Double fan
Rear intake
No. of Speeds
No. Sprays
12 Nozzles
Pump brand
Pump Model
Flow rate
71 L/min
Max. operating pressure
50 bar
Pressure adjuster
Circuit washing tank
Hand washing tank
Manufacturing country
Product Features
spraying treatments
Operating mode:
tractor mounted
Frame type:
Hot-dip galvanised steel
Fan diameter Ø:
700 mm
Flow rate:
71 L/min
Max. operating pressure:
50 bar
Clutch on fan:
Rear intake:
Air flow rectifier:
Max. spraying height:
6 m
Max range:
7 m
Tank capacity:
600 l
Tank capacity:
600 L
Fixed 3-point hitch:
No. of Speeds:
Manufacturing country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
Pump Model:
Pump type:
3 diaphragms
Flow rate:
71,0 lt/min.
Operating pressure:
50 bar
No. of cylinder heads:
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
cast iron
In oil bath
No. of forward speeds:
Operating mode:
fan side lever
Double fan:
No. of blades (for each propeller):
No. Sprays:
12 Nozzles
Jets type:
Double with anti-drip
Pressure adjuster:
Tractor cab remote control:
On request (to be purchased separately)
Internal hydraulic shaker:
Circuit washing tank:
Hand washing tank:
Removable cartridge filter:
Free gifts/extra features
High-pressure hose for spray gun:
5 mt.
Self-filling joint:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
1250x1200x1300 mm
Net weight:
180 Kg
Gross weight (packaging included) :
190 Kg
Assembly time:
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TORNADO UN600/71/700 Tractor-mounted Mist Blower

Machine for spraying treatments in large crops.

Large 700 mm fan diameter.

The external fan conveyor, rear plate and frame are entirely made of hot-dip galvanized steel, which guarantees great sturdiness (many fans nowadays are entirely made of plastic) and above all weather resistance (avoiding metal oxidation).

The size of the fan is the most important element of a mist blower, as it determines:

  • the power of the air jet (the greater the fan diameter, the greater the amount of air it produces, the greater the ability of the machine to carry out the treatment at greater heights or distances)
  • the fineness of the atomisation (the greater the power and quantity of the air, the greater the mini-particles of liquid will be disaggregated)
  • working at lower tractor engine speeds (to achieve the same performance as a fan with a smaller diameter)

CAUTION: It is strongly recommended that you carefully check the lifting capacity of your tractor, taking into account the total weight of the machine when fully loaded.

700 mm Fan

The fan is equipped with an internal double propeller (also known as a counter-fan or, more technically, an air flow adjuster).

This system provides much higher quality operations than all fans equipped with a single propeller, which deliver an uneven and much more powerful air jet on the left side (where 55% of the air produced is delivered compared to 45% on the right side). This makes standard mist blowers operation not perfectly even and balanced.

The second propeller, which is fixed and equipped with blades with the same and opposite profile to the rotating one, adjusts and perfectly balances the air flow. This way, you will obtain an air flow of 50% both on the left and on the right side, thus obtaining perfectly even spraying treatments.

The two propellers have 10 blades, the rotating one features adjustable inclination. Most machines on the market generally feature 8 blades. This way, the machine is more efficient.

Equipped with air flow deviators that make it possible to direct the air flow entirely towards the plants and not towards the ground.

Focus on the propeller blade rotation system

12 double brass nozzles with anti-drip system (6 right, 6 left)

Stainless steel nozzle holders divided into two parts, a left one with 6 jet nozzles and a right one with the other 6 jet nozzles.

Each brass jet nozzle with anti-drip features 3 positions, which can be changed by simply rotating the nozzle manually (three clicks, one for each position):

  • nozzle with larger hole (higher liquid delivery)
  • central position = closed jet
  • nozzle with smaller hole (lower liquid delivery)


The fan is driven by a large and sturdy gearbox with 1 speed + neutral.
Made in Italy, with cast iron housing, internal oil-filled steel gears, all guaranteeing endless durability and reliability.

Comet APS 71 Pump

Comet APS 71 high-pressure pump
Excellent quality and high performance pump.

COMET: the world's largest and most prestigious diaphragm pump manufacturer. 100% Italian company.

New three-membrane configuration. It guarantees exceptional durability and reliability, minimum maintenance is required.

The suction-delivery valves, all located on the delivery side, are quick and easy to check.

Valve with stainless steel seat and plate.

Focus on the valve for the activation of the internal agitator

bar: 50 (adjustable)
air flow: 71.0 L/min

Pressure Adjustment Unit

Original Comet 3-way pressure control unit.

The two side valves supply the right and left sectors of the fan respectively.

This means that you can also activate the two sectors separately, e.g. activate only the jets on the right side or on the left side (e.g. when you are working on the edge of your field).

Additional upper outlet available that allows you to use a manual lever lance or tools other than the mist blower fan.

The control unit is shipped in a separate packaging, and you only have to connect the hoses provided

Galvanised Steel Frame

HEAVY PROFILE frame in hot-dip galvanized steel + three-point tractor hitch complete with pins.

General Features

Polyethylene full-emptying tank, with a capacity of 600 L.

Additional tank for hands washing.

Circuit washing tank (for internal washing of the tank, hoses and equipment after the treatment, before storage). To activate it, simply open the valve on the cartridge filter.

Focus on the bottom valve for total emptying.

Focus on the external level with graduated scale.

Hydraulic agitator, to constantly mix the solution inside the tank, equipped with a high-pressure jet that shoots into the centre of the tank.

It is activated by opening the valve on the Comet pump.

External suction filter equipped with self-filling system (the hose for filling the tank must be purchased separately, and you can find it among the related accessories).

Wide choice of accessories sold separately

Wide choice of accessories that can be purchased separately, just click on the RELATED PRODUCTS section to purchase the accessory needed.

Pair of double jets for mist blowers with anti-drip cannon jet.
Useful to increase the range of the mist blower, both laterally and vertically.

Remote control kit for Comet GCP series pressure regulation unit.
It facilitates work by moving the control unit of the sprayer directly into the tractor.

Premixing kit for powders to apply on the filter net, fully equipped.
It can be used for mixing plant treatment products.

Remote electric control unit for pressure regulation unit.
Allows you to move the sprayer controls in the tractor cab through the electric controls.

Suction hose

Cardan shaft 3x900

Free items & Standard equipment

Free Items Included

Large metal filter

Rubber-coated hose


The control unit is shipped in a separate packaging, you only have to connect the hoses provided

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