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TORNADO 400/51/600 Tractor Mounted Mist Blower

Pressure Adjuster
3 - ways standard
Speed levels
Flow rate
51 l/min
Max. operating pressure
40 bar
Tank capacity
400 l
Fan diameter Ø
600 mm
Double fan
Nr. of nozzles
Circuit washing tank
Hand washing tank
Manufacturing Country
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ID: K501841

EAN: 9993089177125

MPN: RE400/51/600

TORNADO RE400/51/600Tractor Mounted Mist Blower

Spraying treatments machinery for big size crops.

Big 600 mm diameter fan.

External fan conveyor, rear plate and frame made of hot zinc plated steel. This guarantees a very high sturdiness (many fan actually on market are fully made of plastic) and highly weather resistant (metal oxidation proof).

The fan size is the most important feature for a mist blower, as it produces:

  • The air jet power (the greatest will be the fan’s diameter the greater will be the air produced by the fan and the higher will be the machinery’s ability to cover bigger height and distances)
  • The lightness of the atomization (the higher will be the air power and quantity, the higher will be the liquid particles’ disaggregation)
  • The tractor’s motor would work at lower revolutions than the revolutions needed when working with a smaller diameter fan

600 mm fan

Fan has a double-propeller also said counter-fan or air flow straightener.

This system assures a high job quality, much more better than the one propeller systems that has a not uniform spray, mostly concentrated to the left side (a 55% air spraying respect to the 45% of the right side). For this reason the one propeller mist blower doesn’t assure a uniform and balanced spraying job.

The second propeller, fixed, is provided with blades of the same shape and opposite direction in respect to rotating propeller. This harmonizes the air flow. In this way the air will be 50% left side and 50% right side, diffused and the treatments will be perfectly uniform.

The two propellers have 10 blades. They are incline adjustable on the rotating one. The most quantity on market has 8 blades on propellers. These ones are much more efficient.

In this equipment, also  air flow deflectors address the air towards trees and not to the ground.

Blades rotational system detail

12 brass double nozzle no drip jets (6 right, 6 left)

Stainless steel nozzle holder in two areas, 6 nozzles in the left side and 6 nozzles in the right side.

Each brass nozzle is no drip and has 3 positions that can be varied rotating them from their axle:

  • Biggest jet diameter (higher liquid spraying)
  • Central position = jet closed
  • getto con foro più piccolo (lower liquid spraying)

Gear multiplier

Fan is lead by a gear multiplier. It is 1 speed + neutral, big size and sturdy.

Made in Italy, cast iron box, inner oil bath gear, long life and high reliability.

Comet APS 51 Pump

Comet APS 51 high pressure Pum. Very high quality and performance.

 COMET: the best membrane pumps manufacturer in the world. A 100% Italian company.

New three membranes configuration. It guarantees a really exceptional length and a reliability while service are reduced at the minimum levels.

Quick inspection of the delivery and return valves, all located along the delivery side.

Stainless steel valve’s housing and plate.

Particular of the inner agitator faucet.


Bar: 40 (adjustable)

Flow rate: 51 lt/min

Pressure adjustment Unit

Original Comet 3 ways  pressure adjustment unit.

The two side faucets adjust the left fan side and the right fan side. 

This means the two side can be activated independently one from the other (this is very useful when near to the own property borderline). 

Additional free upper output, enable the use of the manual spraying lance or other different applications from the fan use.

Zinc-plated steel frame

STURDY HOT ZINC-PLATED STEEL BEAMS  + lifter’s 3 point linkage with pins

General features

400 lt capacity polyethylene full emptying tank .

Additional tank for the operator’s hand washing.

Circuit washing tank for the tank’s inner, the hoses, and tools washing at the end of the job. To activate it, is necessary to open the cartridge filter’s faucet.

Bottom faucet (for the tank emptying) particular.

Outer degree scale level reader particular.

Hydraulic agitator, , for the continuous solution mixing inside the tank. It also has a high pressure jet addressed to the centre of the tank.

It is activated by means of the faucet on the Comet pump.

Outer suction filter provided with self filling device (The hose needed for the self filling must be purchased separately and it is proposed in the related Products Section).

Wide tools range separately sold

Wide separately sold accessories range, it is enough to click on the  RELATED PRODUCTS window to proceed with their purchase.

Pair of double no drip air-injector jets.
Useful to increaseboth lateral and vertical distance.

GCP series Comet pressure adjustment unit.
It is very helpful as it gets the control unit to the tractoctor's cockpit.

Powders pre-mixing kit.
Useful to mix products for the plants treatments.

Electric distance control unit for pressure adjustment unit.
It allows to control the spraying unit from the cockpit by means of electric controls.

Suction hose

3x900 Cardan

Product Features
spraying treatments
Speed levels:
tractor mounted
Frame typology:
Hot zinc-plated steel
Fan diameter Ø:
600 mm
Flow rate:
51 l/min
Max. operating pressure:
40 bar
Clutch on fan:
Counter fan:
Vertical spraying distance:
5 mt
Horizontal spraying distance:
6 mt
Tank capacity:
400 l
3 point linkage:
Manufacturing Country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
Pump type:
3 membranes
Flow Rate:
51 lt/min
Operating pressure:
40 bar
Number of heads:
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
cast iron
Gear shifting mechanics:
Oil bath gearbox
Number of forward speeds:
fan side lever
Double fan:
Blades Nr. for each propeller:
Nr. of nozzles:
Nozzles typology:
No drip and double
Pressure Adjuster:
3 - ways standard
Tractor cockpit distance pressure adjuster:
Optional (separately sold)
Inner agitator:
Circuit washing tank:
Hand washing tank:
Extractable filter cartridge:
Free gifts/extra features
Pressure hose for spraygun:
5 mt.
Self-filling joint:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
(L X W X H) 1150 x 1000 x 1300 mm
Net weight:
180 Kg
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
180 Kg
Assembly time:

On Kit

Big metal filter

Rubber hose