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Seven Italy 600L - Tractor-mounted weed control unit - Comet BP75 pump

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ID: 111675

EAN: 9999991100626

Seven Italy 600L - Tractor-mounted weed control unit - Comet BP75 pump
Tank capacity
600 l
Pressure regulator
Pump brand
Flow rate
68 L/min
Max. operating pressure
15 bar
Tool boom
In steel
Circuit washing tank
Hand washing tank
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Gruppo botte per diserbo 600L
For weeding
Operating mode:
Frame type:
Hot-dip galvanised steel
Flow rate:
68 L/min
Max. operating pressure:
15 bar
Tank capacity:
600 l
Tank capacity:
600 L
Manufacturing country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
Pump brand:
Pump type:
three diaphragms
Flow rate:
68 lt/min
Operating pressure:
15 bar
Pressure regulator:
Manufacturing country:
Optional accessories
Tool boom:
In steel
Internal hydraulic shaker:
Circuit washing tank:
Hand washing tank:
Removable cartridge filter:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
125x70x155 cm
Net weight:
153 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
125x80x210 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
168 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes
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Seven Italy Tractor-Mounted Weeding Unit 600L

Seven Italy 600 L weeding unit suitable for treating medium to large crops.

This mounted weed sprayer has a four-way constant pressure volumetric distributor which allows you to perfectly regulate the liquid supply.

The weeding unit consists of a 600L capacity polyethylene tank and a Comet BP75 pump.

The machine can operate over large areas of terrain with a maximum flow rate of 67 L/min and a maximum pressure of 15 bar. This allows farmers to work efficiently and effectively, reducing the time and resources required to distribute chemicals on cultivated lands.

It connects to the tractor by means of a three-point hitch.

Frame made of steel with hot-dip galvanisation treatment, which makes it very resistant to rust attack over time.

In short, it is a reliable and efficient system for the distribution of chemicals on cultivated fields. Thanks to its advanced technology and guaranteed safety, this sprayer is a very popular choice among farmers and professionals.

Comet BP 75 Tractor-mounted Pump

For weeding treatments and liquid fertilization with solutions. Applications on mounted and wheeled sprayers.
The parts directly touching the liquid are made of plastic and plastic-coated aluminium, resistant to chemicals used in agriculture.

3-diaphragms Desmopan® configuration

Plastic heads and manifolds (Nylon)

Main features:

N. membrane / pistons: 3
Flow rate: 68.0L/min
Pressure: 15.0 bar
Power: 2,7 CV
RPM: 550
Weight: 12 Kg
A weed killing boom up to 12 m can be mounted with this Pump.

Pressure Regulation Unit

This mounted weed sprayer has a four-way constant pressure volumetric distributor.

VOLUMETRIC: it maintains a perfectly constant liquid supply for each nozzle even when the pump speed varies or when the speed changes.

CONSTANT PRESSURE: it maintains a perfectly constant pressure on each of the outlets, so that every nozzle will deliver the same amount of liquid.

These two systems provide a distribution of the treatment as even and regular as possible, without waste, minimizing costs and reducing the damage on the environment.

Focus on the adjustable compensators (Through a special front wheel) of which each of the four outputs is equipped, allows the calibration of the individual sections.

Pressure adjustment knob and Bypass lever that opens and closes the inflow of liquid to the boom.

Proportional valve to adjust the overall working pressure and pressure gauge.

Heavy Enamelled Steel Frame

Reinforced Swedish steel frame with hot-dip galvanisation treatment complete with three-point hitch for tractor mounting.

The three-position attachment points to the lift are complete with pins. 1° and 2° category.

This weeding barrel is equipped with two special vertical bars specifically designed for the application of herbicide bar also allowing the height adjustment in the desired position. Specifications.

General Features

Polyethylene tank with total emptying

Circuit-washing tank

Additional tank for Operator’s hand washing.

Focus on the external hose with graduated scale for a quick checking of the liquid level in the tank.

Hydraulic agitator, to constantly mix the solution inside the tank, equipped with a high-pressure jet that sprays at the centre of the tank.

External suction filter with self-filling system

Internal filter that cleans the liquid from any possible residue or dirt during the tank filling phase.

Discharge plug for complete emptying

Focus on the PTO

Free items & Standard equipment

Standard equipment

The tank is shipped on pallet in its original packaging together with the instructions manual.

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