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Seven Italy 300L - Boom unit for compact tractor-mounted sprayer - APS71 pump

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ID: 111670

EAN: 9999991100619

Seven Italy 300L - Boom unit for compact tractor-mounted sprayer - APS71 pump
Tank capacity
300 l
Pressure regulator
Pump brand
Flow rate
67 L/min
Max. operating pressure
50 bar
Tool boom
In steel
Hand washing tank
Manufacturing country
Product Features
For spraying treatments
Operating mode:
Frame type:
Hot-dip galvanised steel
Flow rate:
67 L/min
Max. operating pressure:
50 bar
Tank capacity:
300 l
Tank capacity:
300 L
Fixed 3-point hitch:
Manufacturing country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
Pump brand:
APS 71
Pump type:
Flow rate:
67 L/min
Operating pressure:
50 bar
Pressure regulator:
Manufacturing country:
Tool boom:
In steel
Internal hydraulic shaker:
Hand washing tank:
Free gifts/extra features
Self-filling joint:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
83x104x120 cm
Net weight:
101 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
119.5x79.5x130 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
116 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
5 minutes
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Seven Italy Tractor-Mounted Sprayer

The new Seven Italy tractor-mounted sprayer is designed for the spraying of liquid fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides on cultivated fields and gardens.

The spraying unit consists of a polyethylene tank with a capacity of 300L and a Comet AP71 three-diaphragm pump complete with a three-outlet pressure regulator.

The machine can operate over large areas of terrain with a maximum flow rate of 67 L/min and a maximum pressure of 50 bar. This allows farmers to work efficiently and effectively, reducing the time and resources required to distribute chemicals on cultivated lands.

Furthermore, the Seven Italy sprayer is designed for maximum safety during use. In the event of a lack of liquid in the tank, the machine is equipped with a pump blocking system and an automatic rinsing system that reduces the risk of chemical contamination.

It connects to the tractor by means of a three-point hitch.

Frame made of steel with hot-dip galvanisation treatment, which makes it very resistant to rust attack over time.

In short, it is a reliable and efficient system for the distribution of chemicals on cultivated fields. Thanks to its advanced technology and guaranteed safety, this sprayer is a very popular choice among farmers and professionals.


  • Horticultural crops
  • Cereal crops
  • Espalier orchard
  • Espalier vineyard
  • Gdc Kiwis
  • Tendone vineyard and kiwi
  • Olive grove greenhouse

Comet APS 71 Pump

The Comet APS 71 is a piston diaphragm pump designed to be used in agricultural and gardening spraying applications. Made of high-quality materials that guarantee high resistance to corrosion and high pressure.

Parts in contact with liquid are made of anodised aluminium. The valve has stainless steel site and plate.

It is equipped with an automatic lubrication system that reduces wear and prolongs the pump's life.


  • N. membrane / pistons: 3
  • Flow rate: 67.2L/min
  • Pressure: 50.0 bar
  • Power: 9,1 CV
  • RPM: 550
  • Weight: 18.4 Kg

It allows operating:

  • up to 7 to manual lever lance (or knob) simultaneously
  • 3 MITRA lances simultaneously
  • 2 lateral spray booms with 5 butterfly nozzles each
  • Pair of spray guns up to 4 nozzles each
  • 1 weeding bar up to 12 metres

Comet GCP 3V Regulation Unit

Comet GCP 3V control unit is a three-way control system designed for use together with agricultural and industrial pumps manufactured by the Italian company Comet S.p.A.

Pressure adjustment knob.

Pressure gauge.

The two side taps supply respectively the right-hand sector of the fan and the left-hand sector. Usually, the two horizontal outlets are used to connect, for example, a pair of spray guns for orchards/olive groves, or stainless steel booms for vineyard, etc...

This means that the two sectors can also be switched on separately, i.e. only the nozzles on the right-hand side or only on the left-hand side (e.g. when you are on the edge of your plot).

Control lever for opening or closing pressure.

Maximum pressure: 50 bar

Max. flow rate: 100L/min

Hot-dip galvanised steel frame

Reinforced Swedish steel frame with hot-dip galvanisation treatment complete with three-point hitch for tractor mounting.

The three-position attachment points to the lift are complete with pins. 1° and 2° category.

This mounted weed sprayer is equipped with two special vertical bars specifically designed to mount any spraying device on the market, also allowing height adjustment in the desired position. Specifications.

General Features

Polyethylene tank with total emptying

Additional tank for hand washing

Focus on the external hose with graduated scale for a quick checking of the liquid level in the tank.

Hydraulic agitator, to constantly mix the solution inside the tank, equipped with a high-pressure jet that sprays at the centre of the tank.

External suction filter with self-filling system

Internal filter that cleans the liquid from any possible residue or dirt during the tank filling phase.

Discharge plug for complete emptying

Focus on the PTO

Tank Accessories Sold Separately

These are some of the accessories that can be mounted on Seven Italy sprayer tanks.

The two horizontal bars are suitable to mount any type of accessory on the market, in several positions.

Here are some examples of single mounting accessories:

  • Stainless steel spray guns with 4+4 brass butterfly nozzles
  • Spray guns

Many customization options:

  • Pair: stainless steel spray guns with 4+4 brass butterfly nozzles

All the accessories are available in the RELATED PRODUCTS section.

(ATTENTION)The photos with accessories applicable to the barrel are purely illustrative.

Free items & Standard equipment

Free Items Included

The tank is shipped on pallet in its original packaging together with the instructions manual.

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