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RoyalFood i-VCM 30 Stainless Steel Chamber Vacuum Machine

RoyalFood i-VCM 30 Stainless Steel Chamber Vacuum Machine
Special offer
Double ECO packaging
Body material
Stainless steel
Max. bag width
25 cm
Automatic cycle
Marinade mode
Soft/hard product mode
Pump capacity
140 L/min.
Vacuum gauge
Touch keys
For free: 50 15x30 bags for vacuum
For free: 50 bags 20x30 for vacuum
For free: 50 vacuum bags - 25x35
For free: 50 15x30 bags for vacuum
For free: 50 bags 20x30 for vacuum
For free: 50 vacuum bags - 25x35
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RoyalFood i-VCM 30 Chamber Vacuum Machine

The RoyalFood i-VCM30 is a chamber vacuum machine that allows to preserve the food for a longer amount of time compared to other conventional preservation methods.

The biggest feature of this vacuum machine is not only the external design, but also its many features. The design of the machine is among the best on the market since the construction and production processes are particularly thorough. In addition, the materials used make the cleaning operations easier and increase its durability.

Accurate in design, its dimensions are 45x38.5x34.5 cm with a weight of 20 Kg

The machine is provided with different modes of use, to allow a correct and safe food storage and achieve professional performance.

The RoyalFood i-VCM vacuum machine is able to carry out perfect sealings in just a few seconds.

Practical and easy to use, it allows:

  • a fully automatic vacuum process
  • the "Seal time" function allows to choose the sealing time according to the type of food (Soft / Hard)
  • "Food" function allows you to change the mode depending on the type of food (low / middle / high)
  • to marinate food in suitable containers


  • Sealing bar length: 28.5 cm
  • Suction capacity: 140 L/min
  • Compatible bag width: up to 25 cm
  • User-friendly controls
  • Silver colour for an attractive design

Sealing bar and vacuum chamber

Thanks to the large 350x300x120 mm vacuum chamber, a 28.5 cm sealing bar and a 140 L/min vacuum pump, the machine can vacuum pack food products easily and quickly.

The machine is fully automatic by closing the lid, and pressing the "VAC" button the vacuum process will start.

The lid is made of high-thickness shockproof plexiglass.

The 285 mm long sealing bar is completely removable without any cables to facilitate cleaning.

The flow rate of the vacuum pump is 140 L/min

Controls and operation

RoyalFood i-VCM 30 chamber vacuum sealer.

28.5 cm sealing bar for a perfect sealing.


  • Power supply: 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Power [W]: 350
  • Sealing time: adjustable/self regulated
  • Suction/Sealing time: self regulated
  • Maximum bag width [mm]: 250
  • Machine weight [Kg]: 20
  • Product size WxDxH [cm]: 45x38x34.5
  • Equipped with connection hose for containers,


“Vac” Button: it allows to use the automatic vacuum function

"Mode" button: it allows to choose between three modes

  • "High" mode: to be used with all types of food
  • "Middle" mode: ideal for soft foods
  • "Low" mode: ideal for friable foods

“Stop/Start” Button it starts the machine or stops the current function

"Seal time" button it lets you choose the sealing time

"Seal" button: the machine makes a 3.5 mm sealing in automatic

"Marinate" Button it marinate foods through vacuum cycles

How to use the RoyalFood i-VCM 30 Bell-shaped Vacuum Sealer in stainless steel
Product Features
VSP 4400
Body material:
Stainless steel
Vacuum type:
vacuum chamber
Vacuum cycle:
Sealing bar width:
28.5 cm
Usable bags width:
25-20-15 cm
Max. bag width:
25 cm
Manual function:
Automatic function:
Jars aspiration possibility :
Automatic sensor of vacuum times:
Adjustable sealing time:
Marinade mode:
Soft/hard product mode:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Power supply:
220 V electric
Pump data
Pump capacity:
140 L/min.
Rated output:
350 W
Double sealing bar:
Integrated scale:
Automatic lid:
Cycle starting sensors on cover:
External liquids filter:
Vacuum gauge:
LCD display:
Touch keys:
Free gifts/extra features
Kit aspiration tube:
Bags sample:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Net weight:
20 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
21.1 Kg
Assembly time:
Assembly time:

Complimentary: 150 vacuum bags set

Complimentary: Vacuum sealer bags set. The set consists of 150 vacuum bags of 3 different sizes.

- N. 50 25x35 cm bags

- N. 50  20x30 cm bags 

- N. 50 15x30 cm bags

The best quality food safe vacuum bags available!

They are suitable for all types of food vacuum sealers available on the market. They can be cut and welded in order to get different sizes. Washable and reusable.

Heavy-duty food safe vacuum bags thanks to the 3-layer structure (food-grade layers)

The outermost EMBOSSED layer allows an efficient air suction.

Free items included

The RoyalFood VSP 4400 vacuum machine is shipped in its original packaging.

Instructions manual included.

The machine also includes a connecting hose for containers.