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Rover Novax 25 B electric transfer pump - Electric pump for hot liquids and beer

Pump for hot liquids up to 95°C
Manufacturing Country
Motor type
Rated output
0.9 HP
Motor Speed (RPM)
1450 RPM
NOVAX: a corrosion-resistant alloy
Pipe fittings (joints) diameter
25 mm
Head lift
10 mt
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ID: 101722
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Rover Novax 25 B electric transfer pump for hot liquids

The new Rover Pompe Novax 25 B self-priming transfer pump has been properly designed for the transfer of hot liquids (maximum 95°C temperature). This in necessary in food processings with pasteurisation or hot processing.

The electric engine develops 0.9 Hp power and thanks to the switch on the control box the flow direction can be easily inverted.

The transfer pump can be used in beer production and in general to transfer liquids that during the production process are heated up up to 95°C like:

  • beer
  • cooked must
  • cooked wine
  • brews
  • oil
  • liquids of milk processings

The Rover pumps are reliable, easy to clean and satisfy strict transfer requirements. They are entirely MADE IN ITALY so of high quality manufaturing and funcionality. Just apply a cable with the pincers to connect to the battery.

  • 230 a.c power supply 
  • 0.9 HP
  • 550W
  • 3 A
  • ø joints mm: 25
  • r.p.m.: 1450
  • Max flow rate: 45 litres/min.
  • Head: 10 m (5 m at 95°C)
  • Max. liquid temperature: 95°C
NOVAX impeller and main features

Pump body with NOVAX® technology. Thanks to this technology the surfaces in contact with the liquid are very resistant against wear and oxidation.

The pump is built with Viton (R) seals for a better warranty throughout time.

The pump is "self-priming" with liquid ring: just pour a bit of liquid inside the impeller before use and once strated, it suctions the liquid by itself. 

Bi-directional: can pump liquids in both directions. This enables to make very prices transfers since corrections can be made, re-pumping if necessary some liquid in the opposite direction. The direction is given by the switch located on the control box.

It is ideal to transfer the delicate filtered liquids at high temperature (max 95°C).

Liquids to be transferred have to be clean and neutral, or contain a percentage of soilds (max 0.2-0.5%) with a hardness and granulometry apt to not cause damages to the internal surfaces of the pump.

The pump is equipped with 1.5 long rubber power cable and Schuko safety shear pin.

Fitted with parking base and carry handle.


Product Features
Novax 25 B
Deck Material:
antioxidant alloy
electric - 220 V
Pump for hot liquids up to 95°C:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Rated output:
0.9 HP
Motor Speed (RPM):
1450 RPM
Power supply:
220V power supply
Manufacturing Country:
Pump data
NOVAX: a corrosion-resistant alloy
Pipe fittings (joints) diameter:
25 mm
Flow Rate:
45 lt/min
Head lift:
10 mt
Manufacturing Country:
Handle for lifting the machine:
Free gifts/extra features
Suction filter:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
14x28x19 cm
Net weight:
7 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
29x15x21 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
7 Kg
Assembly time:
Free gifts and standard equipment

The product is shipped in its original packaging

Bottom filter for free.

Instructions manual included