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Removable, mounted spray unit with 200 L tank for wheelbarrow platforms

Tank capacity
200 l
Manufacturing Country
Hose reel
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ID: K0607
EAN: 9993089181030
MPN: 0607

Removable spray unit with 200 L tank

Equipped with steel frame and flat rectangular base

Fitted for the spark ignition engine pumps (membrane pumps)

spray pump not included

It is a removable spray unit for the weed killing spray and spot spray treatments of plant protection products by means of spray lever lance. Specifically studied for the driven wheelbarrow and mini transporter placement. Frame is made of tubular steel frame light blue colour epoxy powder painted.
Graduated scale 200 lt tank, controllable suction filter with shut off valve for cleaning when tank is full.

This mounted unit is specific for spray, weed killing treatments in medium big size crops, parks, gardens, vegetable gardens, greenhouses.
Professional manual steel hose reel with 50 m hose provided on kit (included on price).

It is fitted for the spark ignition engine pump (not included on price) of medium dimensions (it is generally suggested a medium size pump of maximum 40 bar – 45 L/min).

A wide range prompt delivery spark ignition engine pumps can be matched to this tank wheelbarrow for spray treatments. To show the driven pumps models that can fit with the item selected, it is sufficient to click on the “RELATED PRODUCTS” button above and the full list with the relevant prices will be shown.
This removable spray unit with 200 lt tank is provided with all necessary for the use: linking hoses between it and the to-be-purchased pump, joints, clamps, 50 m hose with spray lever lance for the spray treatments.
To complete the product, it is sufficient to select only the desired driven pump and nothing else.
High resistance and high thickness polyethylene tank.

Provided with graduated scale for the contained liquid immediate check.
Self-supporting frame with painted steel bars.

Base overall dimensions: 800 x 500 mm
Its size makes them suitable for any wheelbarrow on market even the smallest, of 200-300 kg. We suggest anyway also to verify if the own wheelbarrow dimensions are suitable for this spray unit.
Pair of side sliding columns for the hose reel mounting and, on the other side, for the spark ignition engine pump mounting.

It is sufficient to loosen two screws to adjust upper and lower both the hose reel and the driven pump.
Provided with wide holed base for spark ignition engine on sale on our website.

Provided with wide holed base for spark ignition engine Comet on sale on our website.

We remind you that pumps suitable for this spray unit can be found on the “RELATED PRODUCTS” section
Aside big dimensions spark ignition engine applied on the pump-holder base.
Zinc-coated steel hose reel
Provided with 50 m high pressure hose 40 bar

It can work with all the high pressure driven pumps and their relevant accessories (lever spray lance, spray handgun, high pressure spray lance, etc.)

Focus on the wide tank cap
Focus on the net filter located under the tank cap for the first filtering of the liquid entered the tank for spray treatment
Provided with outer cartridge filter easy controllable for cleaning, located at the driven pump’s draft hose entrance (for the total membranes safe)
The advantage of this removable spray unit is to work in full autonomy.
The independent tank, when matched with the spark ignition engine pump and placed above a mini transporter load platform, make possible a very far from home working.
To make purchase, please click the “BUY” button, on the following page a list of the different engine pump that can be matched with this item will be shown. You can add the desired driven pump to this purchase and the system will show real time the total price (spray units and pumps). Then, you will be able to end purchase.
The item will be delivered to your address 90% assembled. Only the hose reel and the driven pump base must be assembled on the frame by means of 8 screws. The driven pump is to be fastened to its proper base by means of 4 screws and fix the 3 linking hoses with their relevant clamps.
The assembly is very fast and easy, any mechanical competence is needed if not the simple use of the wrenches for the screw fastening.
* (with a medium size pump assembled)

DIMENSIONS: cm 100 x 50 x 75

3 different spray lances can be matched to this spot spray unit:

* Visible on the RELATED PRODUCTS section. They can be purchased by clicking the “BUY” button for this item, after a new page will be opened with all the accessories list that can be added to purchase.
- Standard brass lever spray lance
- Handgun spray lance for tall trees

* To be matched to a not less than 25 bar pressure pump
- High pressure spray lance for tall trees

* It must be matched to a not less than 30 bar pump

Product Features
For load platforms, wheelbarrow
Motor type:
For load platforms
Tank capacity:
200 l
Hose reel:
Applicable pump:
Up to 45 L/min
Manufacturing Country:
Hand washing tank:
Extractable filter cartridge:
Free gifts/extra features
Pressure hose for spraygun:
50 mt
Pressure hose:
50 m
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
(L x W x H) 100 x 50 x 75 cm
Net weight:
30 Kg
Original packaging
Assembly time:
30 minutes