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Professional under vine boom with rotating brush

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ID: K4439

EAN: 9993089177507

MPN: 4439

Professional under vine boom with 400 mm rotating brush

400 mm diameter for local herbicide and pesticide treatments

With 30X30 mm squared tube, Length 500 mm, swivel connection length 250 mm.

Excellent drift reducing effect, if compared to the other common shielded under vine booms, it reduces DRIFT effect at the minimum level.

Provided with membrane no drip nozzle.

• White zinc plated steel structure
• Spring swivel connection
• 400 mm nylon rotating brush
• Object holder stainless steel bars
• Fixed and swivelling nozzles
Delrin nozzles of 1,1.

To increase the working capacity, the under vine boom is provided with a telescopic far end.

Focus on the brush inclination, adjustable in different positions:


In addition, thanks to the special spring swivel connection with automatic back, is able to absorb the side hits avoiding damages to the sprayer’s linkage or the sprayer itself.


For free

3 metres high pressure hose for free with the under vine boom purchase, to let you have all the necessary for an immediate use.