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Plastic flour mill Mockmill 200. Electric engine 600 watt.

Deck made of material suitable to food
Grinding stones
Rated output (W)
600 w
6 years
Assembly time
Manufacturing Country
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ID: 101993
EAN: 4260420630041
MPN: Mockmill200
Mockmill 200 flour mill

Designed by Wolfgang Mock the Mockmill 100 and Mockmill 200 mills, thanks to a powerful technology housed in shock- and slip-resistant plastic material, are just 22x19 cm small and provide high performances for all type of cereal.

Created in Arboblend it combines a high malleability of the bioplastic of natural origin together with the innovativ stability and structural resistence typical of the rigid plastic.

Using the lever you can adjust the fineness level of the flour without any interruption from "1" to "10".

The industrial engine at high performance transfers 600 watt power to small internal grinding mills able at working for long time.

*The main difference between the Mockmill 100 model and Mockmill 200 is given by the power engine and therefore the grinding capacity; 360 watt and 100 g/min for Mockmill 100 and 600 and 200 g/min for Mockmill 200.

*Please use just clean and dry cereals. Cereals are dry when the grain crunches heavily when pressed with a spoon against a rigid surface. Humid cereals can be pressed easily and are therefore similar to oat flakes.

- This mill can grind all type of soft wheat (like spelt, rye or grain), all type of durum wheat (millet, corn, rice), spices (pepper, black pepper, mustard seeds), legumes in order to obtain an excellent chickpea, green peas, beans flour etc. and all the variaties of roasted seeds as coffee.

However, it is less suggested for oil seeds like flax, poppy or sesame (it is possible to grind them as long as during grinding they are crunched together with durum wheat seeds ratio 1:1)

Main characteristics

A simple and accurate design, and high quality 100% renewable materials are the main characteristics of this little electric mill. Mostly made of lignin and cellulose fibre this material is sometimes called as "liquid wood", an extraordinary new, resistant, light and attractive material.

The grinding stones, both in corundum and in ceramic, have a 360 watt engine. On the lower grinding stone, the rotating one, the electronic mill has an incorporated brush that brushes away the flour, so as to authomatically clean the mill.

Thanks to the small lever, you can adjust without interruption the level of fineness of the grains slowing from "10" to "1".

Cleaning is extremely easy: just push the 2 wings behind the mill, take off the hopper and clean the interior with an humid cloth.

- hopper capacity: 1100 g
- wheat grinding capacity: 200 g/min
- weight: 8 kg

6 years warranty.

* Please do not immerse the machine into water! If you want to clean the body, just use a wet cloth.

Product Features
Mockmill 200
electric, single-phase
Body material:
PVC plastic
Machine body material:
6 years
Deck made of material suitable to food:
Grinding stones:
Manufacturing Country:
Motor data
Rated output (W):
600 w
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Instructions manual:
Bowl or cup as free gift:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
9 Kg
Hydraulic tail lift delivery:
Assembly time:
Hopper capacity:
Grinding capacity:
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Instructions manual and bowl included.