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Standard 4-stroke Stump Grinders

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Standard Stump Grinders

Standard stump grinders available;

Years ago, the removal of a cut tree stump took a lot of time and effort, both in private and professional operations.
The introduction of the the stump grinding machines has helped to improve and simplify this type of work.

standard stump grinders are the ideal choice for use in plant-rich lands.
They can be very useful in storms or strong winds, when many trees can fall or be damaged.
The removal of the remaining stump under the soil is therefore much easier and faster with this machine.
These versions are not characterised by more powerful engines or the ability to cut to great depths, but by their practicality in the situations described above: owning this machine ensures having a powerful agricultural machine at your disposal at all times that can also save you time and money.

This machine offers the possibility to grind large chunks of wood into smaller pieces and then use them for other gardening work, or for winter storage.

How to use them safely?

The use of these machines must always be carried out very carefully, especially in the private context, observing safety procedures.
Their use requires the utmost caution and care, given their great power and dangerous nature. It is important to protect oneself as much as possible from the cutting unit blade, which consist of a very sharp toothed disc blade, and from any pieces of wood that can be thrown outwards and hit the operator.
Therefore, it is essential to wear the necessary safety equipment correctly, such as:

  • Protective goggles;
  • Safety gloves, to avoid cuts and bruises;
  • Safety earmuffs, to protect against high noise levels during work;
  • Protective helmet, for any debris that may hit the head;
  • Protection work shoes.

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