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Petrol stump grinders

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Petrol stump grinders

Fresaceppi a scoppio

Stump grinders are tools that are widely used among professional landscapers and gardeners, as they make it easy to remove stumps, roots and pieces of logs left after cutting or felling.
The use of a stump grinder makes it possible to avoid the use of an excavator, especially for root removal, thus avoiding any damage or imprecise and coarse work.

The cutting system

The cutting efficiency on hard and resistant elements such as stumps and roots is ensured by a sturdy and extremely functional cutting system.
First, we have a central rotor, which can mount blades or hammers.
The cutting capacity of the blades is ideal for less demanding operations, whereas with hammers, even the toughest operations are possible due to their greater strength and cutting efficiency.

Again on the rotor, we can find and effective lubrication system, to maximise cutting operations and preserve the hammers durability.

Main features

Let's now see which are the main features of these particular machines:

  • Tractor tyres or wheelsfor comfortable and effective driving on all types of terrain;
  • Wheels brakes to allow safe use of the machine;
  • Controls all encased on the handlebars, with hand brake, lever to stop forward travel and the safety lever to stop the engine.

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