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Pair of Stainless Steel Spray Booms with 4+4 brass conical nozzles

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ID: K500685

EAN: 9993089182426

Pair of Stainless Steel Spray Booms with 4+4 brass conical nozzles
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Pair of stainless steel spray booms 4+4

Specifically for spraying vineyards, they are actually also used for a wide variety of crops, such as olive groves, orchards and more.

Professional product 100% made in Italy
WARNING: for correct operation, the pair of spraying booms with 4+4 jets require a high pressure diaphragm spray pump of at least 30 L/min

Boom length: 95 cm
stainless steel spray booms with brass fittings

Professional brass butterfly jets

Equipped with professional ceramic nozzle (hole diameter 1.2 mm)

Equipped with rear butterfly screw. Allows the jet to be adjusted, either more direct or more atomized cone-shaped. Or even closed by tightening the screw completely.
Steel frame with external galvanisation treatment
Each pole is fitted with its own telescopic bar that can be pulled outwards. It allows the booms to be pulled outwards from the barrel for treatment and closed inwards for transport and storage (by simply loosening and tightening the 2 black cranks)
System for adjusting the inclination of each rod by means of the 2 spring-loaded circular joints.
Allows the inclination of each of the two poles to be changed with a simple manual movement without the use of keys or tools.
Telescopic height adjustment system for the supporting frame of the poles.
Equipped with practical black crank attachment.
Attachment equipped with a drilled angle iron on both the front and top, allowing easy application to all spraying units on the market of any brand.

- no. 2 brass fittings for rods

- 3 m of high-pressure hose for connecting the booms to the tank unit

Example of mounting on a spraying barrel unit. (although the photo shows the 3+3 rods, the assembly method obviously does not change)
On the right, photo with the pair of open booms in working position
On the right, photo with the pair of closed booms in rest position

Boom length: 95 cm

Opposite, the professional brass butterfly jet model (MADE IN ITALY), included in the pair of rods offered in this product description.

Optionally, you can also have the same jets with the PVC spray guard accessory.

Butterfly nozzles type

Pair of professional brass butterfly nozzles.

Equipped with (hole's diameter: 1,2 mm)

Provided with [x=139186]butterfly screw located in the rear side for the spray adjustment, narrow or more conical. Otherwise, it can be closed by tigthening the screw.

With a price surcharge, it is possible to buy these nozzles equipped with PVC spray shield accessory

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