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Pair of stainless steel spray booms with 4+4 brass conical nozzles

Pair of stainless steel spray booms with 4+4 brass conical nozzles
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ID: 500685

EAN: 9993089182426

MPN: 45.F. 10004

Pair of stainless steel spray booms with 4 + 4 brass conical nozzles

Specific for the vineyards spraying, they are also used in many other crops, such as olive tree groves, orchards, and others.

Professional rank product 100% made in Italy
ATTENTION: for the pair of 4+4 spray booms correct functioning an high pressure membranes pump on not less than 30 lt/min is needed.
Support bars made of stainless steel with brass joints.
Professional brass conical spurts

Provided with professional ceramic nozzle (hole diameter 1,2 mm)

Provided with rear butterfly screw. It allows the flow regulation from one direct spurt to a conical one, or closed by completely thighten the screw.
Zinc-coated steel frame
Each boom is provided with a telescopic bar that can be pulled outwards. This allows to pull the spray booms out for treatment job and close them for transport and storage (by simply loosen and lock the two black knobs).
Incline adjustment system of the boom by means of 2 round spring turning point
It allows the incline adjustment for each bar with a simple handle action (any tool is needed for doing this)
Telescopic height adjustment system of the sustaining booms frame
It is provided with practical fixing black knob
Connection with L shaped steel tube with holes both in the front part and the upper part. It make possible the boom linkage with any sprayer on market
ON STANDARD EQUIPMENT, included on price:

- nr.02 booms brass joints

- 3 mt high pressure hose for the sprayer connection to the boom
Assembly example on sprayer
Aside, picture of the open position of booms in working position
Aside, booms in rest position
Aside, professional butterfly screw adjustable nozzle (MADE IN ITALY), provided with the here introduced booms

With a small price surcharge, it is possible instead to add the PVC spurt cover accessory for nozzles.