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Pair of stainless steel spray booms with 3 + 3 brass conical nozzles

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Stainless steel spray booms

Pair of stainless steel spray booms with brass butterfly nozzles. Specific for vineyards, olive tree groves, orchards and more.

This boom kit is provided with frame. They are supplied as in the picture, suitable for those who already have a frame or want to make their own sprayer by themselves.

Professional range 100% Made in Italy product.

ATTENTION: for the correct operation of the 3+3 nozzles spray booms, a high pressure diaphragms pump of at least 20/L/min is needed.


Butterfly nozzles type

Pair of professional brass butterfly nozzles.

Equipped with professional ceramic nozzles (hole's diameter: 1,2 mm)

Provided with butterfly screw located in the rear side for the spray adjustment, narrow or more conical. Otherwise, it can be closed by tigthening the screw.

With a price surcharge, it is possible to buy these nozzles equipped with  PVC spray shield accessory