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OMA Duster 240 Tractor mounted sulphur duster - 2 outlets

Fan diameter Ø
400 mm
Tank capacity
200 l
Nr. of nozzles
Three-point linkage to tractor
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ID: K4997
EAN: 9993089404788
MPN: NIP0200001

OMA Duster 240 Tractor mounted sulphur duster

This agricultural machine is for powdered pesticide treatments, mainly Sulphur.

It can be used both for the espalier and tendone vines thanks to its 2 outlets.

Sulphur duster is for all the Sulphur-based powdered treatments, such as copper sulphide, bentonite–added Sulphur, and any possible powdered products for agriculture purposes.

The OMA Duster is tractor mounted by means of a 3 points hitch. The 200 L tank makes it suitable for Enterprises and hard-to-please Private Users.

Tank is also equipped with a mechanical powder shredder acting as a mixer preventing any jam and with a powder flow regulator.

The Sulphur Duster is made of a steel frame and a polyethylene tank for powder, has a 400 mm fan driven by a tractor PTO which irradiate powder by means of the 2 ways diffusor.

Maximum distance reachable by each out put opening: 6-8 metres.

Flow rate: 4000 m³/h

Tractor’s power requirement: 20 Hp min

Controls and adjustments

The tractor mounted Sulphur Duster is equipped with a fan radial diffuser 400 mm fan. Fan diffuses all dust fallen from the tank by means of the gravity action. A manually operated mechanical gate valve is located between them.

It is possible to manually control the powder output of the 4 mechanical valves the tank is equipped with, in order to dose only the desired quantity to be sent to the fan for diffusing. The powder’s control can be done by the tractor’s cockpit by using a cable of more than 2 metres length.

Tank is also equipped with a mechanical powder shredder acting as a mixer preventing any gate valves’ jam.

The Duster 240 has a 2 directable outlets: they can be adjusted by means of the quick fixing systems provided with steel clamp, for the perfect directing of the powders' jet.

Low position for the product distribution on ESPALIER VINES, or similar plantations.

High position ideal for Sulphur treatments of TENDONE VINES or any other plantation growing in height.

The 2 ways output is controlled by two faucets which open and close the powder’s flow allowing the Operator to choose among one of the two exits.

Main features

The OMA Duster frame is made of sturdy enamel painted steel.

Frame is equipped with adjustable outlet supports.

PTO particular.

Focus on the upper 3 point hitch

Focus on the lower 3 point hitch

The PTO motion is driven through a sturdy gear mulrtiplier which ismade in Italy

Focus on the 200 L capacity polyethylene tank equipped with double cap: for inspection and for filling.

Weight: 70 Kg

Size: 74 x 140 x 115 (h) cm



Product Features
Duster 240
Sulphur Duster
Machine body material:
tractor mounted
Frame typology:
Enamel painted steel
Fan diameter Ø:
400 mm
4000 m³/h
Vertical spraying distance:
6 mt
Horizontal spraying distance:
8 mt
Tank capacity:
200 l
3 point linkage:
Manufacturing Country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
tractor mounted
Three-point linkage to tractor:
Nr. of nozzles:
Nozzles typology:
Tractor cockpit distance pressure adjuster:
Inner mechanical mixer:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions cm (LxWxH):
74 x 140 x 115 cm
Net weight:
70 Kg
On pallet
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
80 x 120 x 125 cm
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
80 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes