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OMA Duster 140 - Mounted sulphur dust extractor - 2-way

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ID: K4994

EAN: 9993089404764

MPN: NIP0100001

OMA Duster 140 - Mounted sulphur dust extractor - 2-way
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Fan diameter Ø
400 mm
Tank capacity
100 l
Nr. of jets
2 nozzles
Tractor three-point hitch
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Duster 140
Sulphur Duster
Machine body material:
Operating mode:
Tractor PTO
Frame type:
Enamelled steel
Fan diameter Ø:
400 mm
Flow rate:
4000 m³/h
Max. spraying height:
6 m
Max range:
8 m
Tank capacity:
100 l
Fixed 3-point hitch:
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Operating mode:
tractor mounted
Tractor three-point hitch:
Nr. of jets:
2 nozzles
Jets type:
Tractor cab remote control:
Internal mechanical shaker:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
70 x 115 x 105 cm
Net weight:
60 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
80 x 120 x 115 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
70 Kg
Assembly time:
5 minutes
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OMA Duster 140 Tractor-mounted Sulphur Duster

The OMA Duster tractor-mounted sulphur duster is an agricultural machinery used for treatments with powder pesticides. This machine represent a great solution for sulphur treatments in the vineyards, hence the name sulphur duster.

It can be used on both espalier and tendone vineyard installations thanks to a dual-opening adjustable cannon spray head diffuser.

The duster is also used to distribute copper sulphate, sulphur bentonite and general dusting products generally useful in agriculture.

The OMA Duster is towed by the tractor via a three-point-hitch. It is suitable to meet the needs of both companies and demanding users thanks to the large 100 L tank.

The sulphur duster comes with a steel frame where a polyethylene tank is mounted and which contains the product to be sprayed. The machine feature a 400 mm radial fan operated by means of the tractor's PTO and a dual-opening adjustable cannon spray head diffuser

The tank is equipped with a mechanical shredder for powder that acts as a shaker to prevent clogging and a powder regulator to open the tank through which the powder passes.

Maximum distance that can be reached from each head diffuser: 6-8 metres

Flow rate: 4000 m³/h

Tractor power: min 20 Hp


Controls and adjustments

The Duster tractor-mounted sulphur duster is fitted with a radial fan that measures 400 mm. This fan pushes the powders, which fall and pass from the tank to the fan: between the two there is a mechanical regulator that is adjusted by a manual control.

This control gradually opens or closes the 4 regulator discs inside the tank so that only the desired amount of product can enter the fan and be expelled through the sprayheads. The powder regulator manual control comes with a 2 metres cable and can be set by the user while comfortably sitting on the tractor.

Next to the 4 regulator discs, the tank features a mechanical shredder for powder that acts as a shaker and prevents any type of clogging of the powder regulator discs.

The Duster tractor-mounted sulphur duster features a dual-opening adjustable cannon spray head diffuser: they can be rotated thanks to the quick fixing system with steel clamp, to set the perfect direction of the powder jet.

In a low position, it allows the product to be distributed on ESPALIER VINEYARD installations, or all those crops spaced out in a similar way.

In a high position instead, the duster is used, for example, for sulphur treatments in TENDONE VINEYARD installations or in all types of crops that grow several meters in height.

The dual-opening head diffuser is controlled by two valves that open or close the flow of powders inside the sprayheads, allowing only one of the 2 available openings to be used.

Main features

The OMA Duster is built on a sturdy frame made of stove-enamelled painted steel.

The frame is equipped with a support for the adjustable sprayheads.

Focus on the tractor’s PTO

Focus on the high three-point-hitch

Focus on the low three-point-hitch

The power take-off transmits motion via a Made in Italy sturdy gearbox multiplier.

Focus on the 100 L polyethylene tank equipped with a double tap, for inspection and product filling.

Weight: 60 Kg

Size: 70 x 115 x 105 (H) cm

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