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Oma 200 l - Tractor-mounted spraying unit - Comet APS 41 pump

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EAN: 9900000001698

MPN: NGI0200001

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Oma 200 l - Tractor-mounted spraying unit - Comet APS 41 pump
+100 sold
Tank capacity
200 l
Pressure regulator
Pump brand
Flow rate
41 L/min
Max. operating pressure
40 bar
Circuit washing tank
Hand washing tank
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Poli 220 - APS 41
For spraying treatments
Operating mode:
Frame type:
Enamelled steel
Flow rate:
41 L/min
Max. operating pressure:
40 bar
Tank capacity:
200 l
Tank capacity:
200 L
Fixed 3-point hitch:
Manufacturing country:
Pump data
Pump brand:
Pump brand:
APS 41
Pump type:
three membranes
Flow rate:
40 lt/min
Operating pressure:
40 bar
Pressure regulator:
Manufacturing country:
Optional accessories
Tool boom:
Internal hydraulic shaker:
Circuit washing tank:
Hand washing tank:
Free gifts/extra features
Kit for bracket assembly:
Self-filling joint:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
(L x W x H) 70x100x105 cm
Net weight:
110 Kg
On pallet
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
(L x W x H) 70x100x120 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
113 Kg
Assembly time:
20 minutes
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Estimated delivery: 25/07/2024 - 29/07/2024
€ 1.964,86
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Oma 200 L Mounted Sprayer for Irrigation

Oma 200 L mounted sprayer for irrigation with Comet APS 41 pump is a spraying unit suitable for medium and large crops.

Equipped with main polyethylene tank with total emptying, hand-washing tank and circuit-washing tank, also made of polyethylene.

It connects to the tractor via the 3-point linkage on the enamelled steel frame.

The tank is equipped with COMET high-pressure pump, APS 41 model, a new generation 3 membrane pump configuration provided with 3-way Comet pressure regulator.

Attention: universal joint for connection to tractor PTO not included

WARNING: depending on the supply, the colour of the hand-washing and circuit-washing tanks may differ from the images. The difference is purely aesthetic and does not affect any technical parameter.

Sprayer Accessories Sold Separately

These are some of the accessories that can be mounted on the OMA mounted sprayers for irrigation.

Steel hose reel with 100 m blue netted high-pressure hose (25 bar) and brass lever lance

Steel hose reel with 100 m blue netted high-pressure hose (25 bar) and mitra lance

Steel hose reel with 100 m blue netted high-pressure hose (25 bar) and spraying guns

Pair of stainless steel spraying rods with 4+4 brass butterfly jets with splash guards

10 m galvanised steel mechanical weed control boom with 20 membrane jets

Mechanical inter-row weed control boom with medium bonnet with 2 jets

Pair of spraying cannons with 3 + 3 turbo brass jets for treatments

Steel hose reel with 100 m of blue high-pressure (25 bar) braided hose without accessories in standard frame configuration

Accessories can all be purchased separately via the CORRELATED PRODUCTS tab.

Comet APS 41 Pump

Comet APS 41 high-pressure pump features the new three-membrane configuration

The parts touching the liquid are made of plastic-coated aluminium. The suction-discharge valves are all easy to check and they are all placed on the discharge side. The valve is made with stainless steel site and plate.


N. membranes/pistons
Flow rate
41 L/min
40.0 bar
4.1 CV
10.0 Kg

It allows to operate:

  • up to 5 to manual lever lances (or knobs) simultaneously
  • 2 MITRA lances simultaneously
  • 2 lateral spray booms with 4 butterfly nozzles each
  • 6 m weeding boom.

3-way Pressure Regulation Unit

Original Comet production, GCP standard series, 3-way. It consists of 3 outlets, all available, all equipped with a valve, suitable for many uses.

Usually, the two horizontal outlets are used to connect, for example, a pair of spray guns for orchards/olive groves, or stainless steel booms for vineyards and so on... Instead, the central upward valve is most often used to connect a hose reel or simply a hose with a lance, or guns for spraying directly by hand.

It is also possible to move the entire pressure regulation unit directly into the tractor cabin by purchasing the special kit (which extends the length of the the hoses)

Heavy Enamelled Steel Frame

Heavy enamelled steel frame, complete with 3-point linkage for tractor mounting.

The attaching points to the lifter are complete with pins.

This tank is equipped with two special vertical bars to which the supplied bracket kit is attached.

These brackets can be applied in many positions, making them suitable for accommodating any type of accessory on the market.

Sample configuration 1

Sample configuration 2

General Features

Polyethylene tank with total emptying

Additional tank for hand washing

Circuit-washing tank (to wash the inside of the tank, hoses and all the equipment at the end of the treatment, before storage). To activate it, simply open the tap in the cartridge filter.

Focus on the external level with graduated scale, equipped with small ball to check the liquid level in the tank.

Hydraulic agitator, to constantly mix the solution within the tank. It has a high-pressure jet in the centre of the tank.

External suction filter equipped with self-filling system (the hose to fill the tank must be purchased separately, you can find it in the related accessories section).

Internal filter which cleans the liquid from any possible residue or dirt during the tank filling phase.

Hand washing valve, delivering clean water

Tank emptying valve

Free items & Standard equipment


Bracket kit for fixing accessories to the frame: suitable for connecting most of the weed control accessories on the market


4 m 10 mm high-pressure hose, suitable for connecting all accessories with the pressure regulator unit and 2 clamps.

Free Items Included

The sprayer is shipped on pallet, carefully packed, with instruction manual and tightening screws included

Elbow for self-filling, to take water from water courses or other water supplies. It must be applied before the suction filter

Fittings for the pressure regulator

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