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2/4-Stroke Olive Harvesters

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2/4-Stroke Olive Harvesters

Abbacchiatore a Scoppio

Why choose a 2/4-stroke olive harvester?

2/4-stroke olive harvestersfunction similarly to battery-powered side-motion ones, but they mount an engine at the end of the pole. They are equipped with carbon teeth, known for their length and resistance. These tools are therefore suitable for anyone wishing to combine power and practicality.

These products are suitable for raking olives even on thick or unpruned olive trees, as they can easily penetrate between the branches thanks to theirlong prongs and horizontal motion.

Remember that, because of the engine, these models weigh more than standard battery-powered tools. Although in heavy-duty models such as these the engine is built into the end of the pole and this reduces the strain on the arms, the purchase of such a olive harvester is only recommended for non-continuous use throughout the year.

All you need for Olive harvesting . A range of over 11 2/4-Stroke Olive Harvesters at the best price sale on the online market.
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