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New AgriEuro Minimus 50 Mini Inc Built-in Wood-fired Oven - 2 cooking floors

Cooking chamber depth
50 cm
Cooking chamber width
43 cm
Cooking height level
Refractory on basement floor
Manufacturing country
Pizza shovel for wood fired oven for free!
Pair of oven gloves for free!
Pizza shovel for wood fired oven for free!
Pair of oven gloves for free!
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New Minimus 50 Mini INC Built-in Oven

The quality of AgriEuro wood-fired ovens provides you with a great cooking experience and ease of use (which is not guaranteed by all wood-fired ovens) Our wood-fired ovens are functional, effective, durable and aesthetically pleasing! Main features:

  • The wood consumption: only 4 kg of wood will be enough for several cookings!
  • The convenience and hygiene given by the separation of the cooking and combustion chamber.
  • Food does not directly touch the ash and embers, nor wood (often dirty or polluted) or smoke that can make it even carcinogenic
  • Easy cooking and oven heating thanks to the separation and autonomy of the two chambers
  • The cooking time, as it takes less time to reach the cooking temperature

These important features are complemented by the great advantages of wood-fired cooking: unparalleled in flavours and fragrance, natural and extremely low in fat. Size and features of this model:

  • 2 cooking floors
  • cooking chamber depth: 50 cm
  • cooking chamber width: 43 cm
  • cooking chamber height: 30 cm

This model belongs to the category of small-sized ovens.
Cooking capacity: 10 servings

Cooking chamber

The stainless steel cooking chamber features the classic vaulted shape. This structure, even it is more expensive than square chambers, allows a more even heat distribution. A good wood-fired oven should always feature a vaulted shape.

  • 2 cooking floors
  • 50 cm depth
  • 43 cm width

Double refractory floor: The base of the cooking chamber is made of refractory material, it is also suitable for direct cooking.

Below the base is a second layer of removable refractory bricks that improve and even out heat distribution.

At the bottom of the cooking chamber there is a light and a pipe for venting cooking vapours.

Other features

Combustion chamber that completely surrounds the cooking chamber: during combustion, the flame reaches the 2 side passages, completely surrounding the cooking chamber, ensuring exceptional heat distribution. Many oven manufacturers on the market still produce combustion chambers completely closed at the sides!

Stainless steel chimney equipped with smoke regulation valve. The stainless steel protects this highly exposed element from rust. The smoke control valve allows you to control the draught and retain heat for 2/3 hours of cooking!

Ash tray mounted on sliding guides: the ash and combustion residues are channeled inside.

Stainless steel protections on the part that is most prone to paint deterioration:

Upper enameled steel door, equipped with a large high-visibility glass and sturdy ceramic fibre gasket in order to obtain an almost hermetic sealing of the door.

The oven is equipped with gaps to insert joists to lift it.


Thermometer to check the internal temperature

Rubber-coated handles

Product Features
Minimus 50 Mini Inc -2 cooking height levels
Typology :
Hourly consumption:
1 Kg
Cooking chamber depth:
50 cm
Cooking chamber width:
43 cm
Cooking chamber's height:
30 cm
Circular cooking chamber:
Cooking height level:
General size classification:
Max Servings:
Manufacturing country:
External covering:
Enamel painted panels
Stainless steel coating:
Refractory on basement floor:
Refractory firebricks on all sides:
Extractable panels for cleaning:
Flaps materials:
enameled steel
Stainless steel exhaust pipe:
Vapor outlet:
Smoke regulation valve:
Current transformer 12 volts:
Inner Lighting:
Free gifts/extra features
Chrome grills:
Stainless steel exhaust pipe:
Fire grid:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
59x61x80 cm
Exhaust pipe diameter:
13 cm
On pallet
Gross weight (packaging included) :
100 Kg
Assembly time:

Free Items Included

Equipped with:

  • 1 baking tray
  • chimney

Complimentary oven mittens and pizza peel

This offer is unique for the quality, value and usefulness of the products included with it.

Pair of oven mittens: the only model of oven mittens for wood-fired oven that guarantee maximum protection .
These gloves can protect up to three-quarters of your arm.
It is a unique, functional and effective model

Pizza peel for wood-fired oven: aluminium
peel, practical and easy to handle thanks to its convenient wooden handle. The handle can be held for its entire length, it is the perfect fit for a wood-fired oven.
Dimensions: 12 "x 14".
Sturdy and efficient model.