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Mechanical under vine boom with long shield and 2 nozzles

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ID: K502863

EAN: 9993089180064

MPN: 4436

Under vine boom with 2 nozzles and long rubber shield

  • Hot zinc-coated steel frame
  • Height adjustable
  • Side adjuctable
  • Object holder stainless steel bars
  • Provided with safety spring swivel connection
  • Provided with nr. 2 nozzles, one in the far end of the shield and one in the inner part, one of them is adjustable (that can be used both or only one)

The two nozzles are located at the shield's far ends, one is adjustable and one fixed.
By means of a cap (not provided) it is possible to close one of them, if the kind of job requests this action.

The side fixing bracket makes it suitable for our sprayers (only in some cases to make an additional hole is needed).

Liftable and closable for transport and storage.

In addition, thanks to the special spring swivel connection with automatic back , is able to absorb the side hits avoiding damages to the sprayer’s linkage or the sprayer itself.


For free

3 metres high pressure (Ø 10x17) hose for free with the under vine shielded boom purchase, for the boom linkage to the sprayer.