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Master B 5 EPB - Three-phase electric heater with fan - Hot air generator

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ID: K607658

EAN: 8053670892798

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Master B 5 EPB - Three-phase electric heater with fan - Hot air generator
Tarpaulin cover and storageTarpaulin cover and storage
Power supply
Three-phase electric
Max. heat output
5 kW
Body material
Enamelled steel
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Power supply:
Three-phase electric
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Operating mode:
Electric 400V
Max. heat output:
5 kW
Air flow:
510 m3/h
21.6 A
Recommended for indoor areas:
Manufacturing country:
Thermal-protected motor:
Over-heating thermostat:
Built-in room thermostat :
Adjustable heat:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
6.4 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
37x31x39 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
6.8 Kg
Assembly time:
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Master B 5 EPB three-phase heat generator

The three-phase electric hot air generator with fan Master B 5 EPB is an advanced solution for heating smaller spaces in industrial, commercial or residential areas.

This device is characterised by its ability to operate without emissions or open flames, making it ideal for use in locations where the use of fuels such as gas or oil is prohibited or in poorly ventilated areas.

The electrical technology used in the Master B 5 EPB heaters guarantees quick, clean and safe heating, suitable for temporary or emergency applications, thanks to their high mobility and ease of use.

The construction of these devices makes exclusive use of high quality components, thus ensuring the reliability and efficiency that characterise the products in the Master range, known for their all-Italian design and production.

Main features

  • No oxygen consumption
  • No smokes, smells and condensation
  • Low noise 100% efficiency
  • Thermally-protected motor
  • Armoured heating elements
  • Over-temperature thermostat
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Adjustable heat level
  • Made of sturdy and long-lasting steel
  • Ventilation placed centrally to the heating elements

The operating principle of these portable hot air generators is based on the Joule effect of the current flowing through the heating elements, which heat the air by means of an axial fan. The heating function is also controlled by the room temperature detection thermostat and the overheating prevention thermostat.

These hot air generators are also characterized by their low noise level, transportability and the stainless steel heating elements.

Detail of the instrumentation:

  • Thermostat adjusting knob
  • Selection knob for the 4 functions with which this hot air generator is equipped

Focus on the three-phase plug

Carrying handles

How to select the ideal hot air generator

Important features that the Operator has to consider in order to choose the ideal gas heater which best suits his requirements according to the room that has to be heated up:

  • Dimensions of the area that has to be heated up [V]
  • The ideal temperature [ΔT] that has to be reached
  • Room thermal insulation [K]

High thermal insulation: k = 1

Medium levels thermal insulation: k = 2

Low levels thermal insulation: k = 3

No thermal insulation: k = 4

Therefore, the heat requirements can also be calculated by using the following formula:

V x ΔT x K [kcal/h]

For example:

V = width 4 m width, 12 m length, 3 m height, room volume = 144 m³

ΔT = outdoor temperature -5ºC, room required temperature +18ºC, room temperature = 23ºC

K = 4 not-insulated room

The formula above-mentioned brings to the following result: 144 x 23 x 4 = 13 248 kcal / h, which has to be compared with the data written on the machine serial no. plate, which highlights this heater functionality being able to produce larger volumes of instant heat compared to that one needed.

Converting to KW is simple, just multiply the result by 0.001163, so 13248 x 0.001163 = 15.4 KW

Free items & Standard equipment

FREE ITEM: Cover and storage sheet

Essential for protecting your machine when not in use.

This cover cloth is quick and easy to apply; in a few seconds, your machine will be protected against dust and humidity.

It is equipped with an elastic band on the lower edge to perfectly fit the machine.

Easy to fold and store in its box and space-saving!

Standard Equipment

The hot air generator is shipped in its original packaging.

The packaging includes:

  • Maintenance and instructions manual
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