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Karcher Pro PGG 6/1 - Wheeled power generator 5.5 kW - DC 5 kW single-phase

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ID: K607138

EAN: 4054278547930

MPN: 1.042-208.0

Karcher Pro PGG 6/1 - Wheeled power generator 5.5 kW - DC 5 kW single-phase
2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each2 bottles of 600 ml engine oil each
Replacement sprak plugReplacement sprak plug
Oil engine replacement kitOil engine replacement kit
Spare air filterSpare air filter
Heavy-duty spark plug wrenchHeavy-duty spark plug wrench
Power supply
Electric Current
Single-phase rated power
5 kW
Max. power
5.5 Kw
AVR technology
Alternator casing
Electric start
Motor brand
Cubic capacity
389 cm³
Nominal power
11.6 HP
Battery charger
Product Features
PGG 6/1
Power supply:
On cart
Electric Current:
Voltage stabiliser:
Alternator casing:
Single-phase power supply 220 V:
50 hz
AVR board:
Single-phase rated power :
5 kW
Max. power:
5.5 Kw
Tank capacity:
25 L
Electric start:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Cubic capacity:
389 cm³
No. of cylinders:
Nominal power:
11.6 HP
Power supply:
Overhead valve OHV
Engine lubrication system:
Oil bath
Decompression system:
Tank capacity:
25 L
Noise level:
96 dB(A)
Manufacturing country:
Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS):
AVR technology:
On wheeled frame (with wheels and handles):
Battery charger:
CEE power outlets:
Shuko power outlet:
Battery for electric start:
Electric start with key :
Recoil start system (with rope):
Tank level indicator:
Free gifts/extra features
Engine oil bottle for free:
Wooden pallet (safe shipping):
Starting keys:
Maintenance tool kit:
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Net weight:
84.7 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
92.7 Kg
Assembly time:
15 minutes
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Karcher Pro PGG 6/1 Generator

Karcher electric generatoroffers an excellent solution to supply reliable electricity in areas without an electricity connection. Thanks to its versatility, it can easily power both hot and cold pressure washers with single-phase electric motors. In addition, it can easily be used to power a wide range of equipment, including vacuum cleaners and many other essential equipment.

This power generator is designed to adapt to various requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency in power delivery. Its ability to power hot and cold pressure washers with single-phase electric motors is a significant advantage, as it allows cleaning and maintenance tasks to be carried out in environments where access to electricity might be problematic.

The product also features a battery for electric starting with a key. At the bottom of the generator there are feet that reduce movement and vibration during use.

The Karcher generator is fitted with a 389 cc engine with a displacement and a power output of 11.6 HP. The EURO 5 engine is powered by petrol and has a 25-litre fuel tank; the fuel level can be constantly monitored through a porthole next to the tank cap.

Thanks to the handle and two large wheels on the sides, transporting the machine is very comfortable and easy

The electric generatorproves to be a reliable choice for those who need an autonomous power supply option in various situations, such as in remote areas or during emergencies. Thanks to its flexibility and guaranteed performance, it is a valuable ally in industrial, agricultural and residential applications, where continuous, safe and easy-to-transport power is needed

CAUTION: All power generators like this, belonging to one of the lowest levels of the PROFESSIONAL level products (refer to the product level rating scale used on this site) should not work for longer sessions of 3-4 hours continuously, in order to not to compromise in the medium-long term durability of the alternator and other components due to overheating or to wear. The same problem would present itself if these products were to be used daily or at least frequently. In all these cases we recommend to opt for generators classified as least as PROFESSIONAL, as listed on the rating scale on this website.

Alternator and Power Output

The PGG generator set alternatorfeatures a copper winding.

Maximum nominal power* in LTP emergency conditions: 5.5 KW

* in case of an emergency the generator can reach this maximum power

Nominal power* in continuous running PRP: 5 KW

* This is the data that should be taken into consideration as an effective and constant data for the generator output (it guarantees the product an infinite duration)

Focus on the battery

The alternator is secured to the frame by sturdy anti-vibration rubbers.

The Karcher generator is equipped with AVR board: an electric device which automatically regulates the output of tension, making it constant as the load varies.

Focus on the muffler

Engine Technical Features

Engine main features:

Type: 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled, OHV

Cubic capacity: 389 cc

Power: 11.6 Hp

Fuel: Petrol

Tank: 25 L

Ignition mode: Electric with key

The engine is equipped with a 25-litre capacity metal tank. Recoil start.

OHV Technology

Focus on the air filter.

Focus on the oil level cap.

Control Panel

Extremely comprehensive and feature-rich control panel.

  • LED VOLTMETER to monitor the current voltage at the outlet and the frequency in Hz.
  • Electric start When the engine has been started, activating this switch will cause the generator to start delivering current (and the voltmeter display will read 230 volts)
  • Ground discharge
  • No. 02 Single-phase F Shuko 16A power sockets
  • Single-phase CEE socket (32 A)
  • Switch
  • Battery charger module for batteries up to 12 volts.

Additional Features

Additional features of the generator

Large wheels for transport

Handle for easy transport

Tank cap

Porthole for fuel level control

Reinforced frame

How To Select The Correct Power Rating Of The Generator

As far as the needed power is concerned, we now provide you with an handy chart to help you navigate among consumption, starting coefficients and watt.

The best criteria is to pinpoint first which are the instruments we need to power with the generator and, consequently perform a simple calculation, as explained below, to identify the needed power that the generator need to eject.

Power required = Electric appliance consumption X Breakaway starting coefficient

The starting coefficient is a fundamental characteristic of any instrument which works with electric current because it indicates how much the consumption of the object increases. Therefore, this is needed to concretely determine how many WATT are necessary during the start up operations.

Example: Compressor (1500 Watt ) X Starting coefficient (2) = 3000 Watt Hence you should orientate towards a generator which has a WATT power equal or superior to the result (*)

Check the consumption of the appliance on the instructions and maintenance manual or on the plate attached to the machine.

WARNING: the chart is purely indicative. Thanks to the formula above you can easily calculate the power a generator should deliver to connect and start some specific products and select the model of generator which best suits your needs.

Electric Generators – Warnings & Range Of Application

  • The generator can be exclusively used to power single electrical appliances (with respect to the produced KW power in relation to the absorption during the starting phase that must be lower than the power supplied by the generator).

  • The generator can be used to power household device in emergency conditions (no current service provided by the domestic household), exclusively on the models that are specifically provided with ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) device (specifically designed for this purpose and provided with connecting systems to your household electrical power).

  • The generator was NOT designed for PROFESSIONAL use, it is therefore apt for occasional use (not frequent). The working sessions must no be over 3-4 continuous hours (which would cause the alternator to overheat and wear, in particular its stator and rotor components). If you need a generator for frequent use (for example once a week), the user should look towards another type of generator, specifically intended for a frequent use and precisely a PROFESSIONAL or even INDUSTRIAL quality-level generator (not equipped with a standard 3000 rpm alternator like this one, but with a professional low-speed alternator: 1500 rpm. - equipped with both liquid-cooled engine and alternator - with a very different level of specifications and price);

The generator is not designed to be installed in photovoltaic or solar energy systems for energy production nor for the recharging or maintenance of batteries of these specific or other electric systems. Indeed, it may damage seriously the generator on its internal components (alternator, engine and electrical component). Each photovoltaic system requires a generator for INDUSTRIAL use (not for domestic use as this present model), specifically designed and manufactured for this purpose. WE DO NOT PROVIDE WARRANTY on generators connected to photovoltaic systems, as this entails an IMPROPER USE OF THE UNIT.

Free items & Standard equipment

FREE: Spare parts and maintenance kit for generator petrol engine

Spare parts and maintenance kit for generators.

WARNING: this kit cannot be fitted to other brands and other models on market. Any other set not shown on our website will not be provided.

The maintenance kit consists of:

  • 2 bottles of 1 L oil 4 T SAE 10W 40. Specific lubricant for 4-stroke engines for gardening up to 10 HP. Good cleanliness and dispersion
  • Professional spark plug
  • Spark plug wrench with double junction. It is suitable for mowers - lawnmowers - walking tractors - etc
  • Specific syringe for engine oil suction
  • Bottle for exhausted oil collection to be disposed
  • Funnel for draining oil
  • Air filter

- - -

Standard equipment

The generator is shipped in its original packaging on pallet, in order to ensure safer transport.

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