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Hot liquid filling machine - Enolmatic electric bottling machine

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ID: 103094

EAN: 9999237536950

MPN: 900-0001-001

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Hot liquid filling machine - Enolmatic electric bottling machine
Special offer
Power supply
Special spout for
Liquids up to 80°
Filling capacity
150 bottles/hour
No. of nozzles
Automatic-stop system
Recovery tank
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Enolmatic 80 gradi
Power supply:
230 V Electric:
Special spout for:
Liquids up to 80°
Spout material:
No. of nozzles:
Bottleneck internal diameter:
16-28 mm
Min. bottle height:
180 mm
Max. bottle height:
330 mm
Filling capacity:
150 bottles/hour
Recovery tank:
Manufacturing country:
Fixing c-clamp:
Silicone-coated mesh suction tube:
Rigid suction tube:
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
180 x 370 x 380 cm
Net weight:
3.9 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
200 x 400 x 400 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
4.4 Kg
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Enolmatic counter top hot liquid bottling machine

The Enolmatic counter top electric filling machine features professional characteristics and performances and it can fill about 150 bottles of any hot liquid (up to 80° C) per hour. This bottle filler is very small and only weighs 4 Kg, which makes it easy to use. Made with top-quality materials only. Suitable for contact with food products.

The vacuum filling system ensures a natural filling action, with no overflowing and vibration. There is no contact between liquids and moving mechanical components or transfer pumps.

The Enolmatic bottle filler is very handy as it is adjustable and it allows:

  • choosing the desired fill level (once set, the machine will automatically fill the bottles according to this setting)
  • setting the filling speed
  • filling bottles of all types and sizes

The Enolmatic bottling machine can be used with many accessories that were specifically designed for oil, wine, beer, fruit, filling small containers or miniature bottles, large demijohns and 5-10 litre carboys. Moreover, the machine can be used with the Tandem external filtering system, which allows performing professional filtering operations. Thus the bottling machine can be used as a bottle filler as well as a filtering device.

Example of wine bottle filling


These filling machines are suitable for glass bottles only

Main specifications

Filling speed adjustment knob: set the vacuum level to a maximum for very thick hot liquids. Lower the vacuum intensity in the vacuum chamber when bottling very thin liquids.

Focus on the power switch: featuring a transparent watertight cover

Focus on the adjustable swing arm where the nozzle (spout) is connected

Focus on the special hot liquids filling nozzle: especially designed for fruit juice and warm liquids up to 80° C.

Height-adjustment system of the foldable arm: pull and turn the knob to adjust the arm height.

Focus on the bottle sealing system: the spring on the foldable arm enables the nozzle to apply high pressure on the bottle neck, which prevents the liquid from outflowing.

Adjustable nozzle: the nozzle position can be set to establish the liquid fill level by tightening or loosening the lock ring.

Focus on the vacuum chamber

Optional accessories

The bottling machine can be used with many specific accessories for oil, beer, fruit, filling small containers or miniature bottles, large demijohns or 5-10 litres carboys. Moreover, the machine can be used along with the Tandem external filter, which allows for professional filtering, thus turning the Enolmatic filler into a bottling machine as well as a filtering device.

DEMIJOHN KIT: specifically designed to transfer liquid from one demijohn (or other containers) to another demijohn.

5-10 LT CARBOY KIT: for transfering liquid into a 5 or 10-litre carboy.

JAR KIT: jar filling with liquid food products.

KRISTAL KIT: for long and narrow bottle necks.

MINIATURE KIT: specifically designed to fill mini bottles, small jars or tiny containers.

OIL KIT: suitable for oil as well as for thick liquids.

WINE KIT: designed exclusively for wine or spirits with an alcohol content below 20%.

TANDEM EXTERNAL FILTERING SYSTEM: to be used with various types of filters, made both of fibreglass and stainless steel.

Free items & Standard equipment

Gifts and extra features

The Enolmatic bottling machine will be shipped in its original packaging

The machine comes with the instructions for correct maintenance and operation

The package includes a clamp to secure the bottle filler to a worktop.

Siliconized braided suction hose for hot liquids (up to 80°C).

Rigid suction tube to be assembled according to the instructions.

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