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Heavy-duty Silky Forester 3000 Pruning Saw on aluminium telescopic pole

Blade length
38 cm
Extension pole length
170 - 300 cm
Telescopic pole locking device
double: with lever+botton
Weight for symbol
1.8 kg
Manufacturing Country
€ 237,51
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ID: K602069

EAN: 9999237533607

MPN: KSI027330asta

Heavy-duty Silky Forester 3000 on extension pole

SILKY stands out to be the world leader in the production of high-quality cutting tools.

The Silky Forester 3000 Pruning Saw on telescopic pole is an ultra-lightweight, brand-new professional saw of the latest technology with a three-section, oval-shaped aluminium alloy pole, that offers both strength and precise control of the cutting tool.

Extremely lightweight and sturdy. Both the saw and the pole are Made in Japan.

Considering its incredible lightness and strength, it is also suitable for cutting branches with an improved diameter than 42 mm.

Silky Forester 3000 is a telescopic saw with an oval section that allows you to extend the cutting tool up to 3 m length.

The handle is completely covered with non-slip vulcanized natural rubber, which offers excellent grip, even in wet conditions, minimizing the efforts required to the Operator.

The pruning saw is equipped with double locking system integrated in the handle, to ensure the highest level of balance and stability while extending the telescopic pole.

The oval-section aluminium tube is designed to optimize the rigidity of the pole longitudinally, while considerably decreasing the overall weight.

Two locking systems: the spring-loaded locking button and the friction clamp work together to ensure a sturdy and stable extension.

The telescopic pole is adjustable from a minimum of 170 cm up to a maximum of 300 cm.
Easy and immediate pole length adjustment. Simply raise the lever on the locking device and press the button, extend the pole to its maximum length and lower the lever until it will reach the complete tightening.

Tempered Saw

The blades of the Silky FORESTER Telescopic Saw are laser cut and hard chrome coated.

Features of the blade:

  • The blades are made of SK-4 high carbon steel thicker on the edge of the tooth, thinner on the back of the blade. This cone reduces drag, resulting in smooth, easy and fast cutting performance.
  • Hard chrome plating - Hard chrome plating produces an extremely hard and over-lasting surface. The blades are resistant to rust and the effects of resin. They are finely or mirror-polished and easy to clean.
  • The blades have ground, razor-sharp teeth with 4 cutting angles along their length. They leave a particularly smooth surface after cutting, and are ideal for pruning, greatly reducing the risk of infection.
  • Pulse hardening - Using a special high-frequency heating technique, teeth are hardened and heated instantly. Since only the teeth are heated, the blade retains its normal flexibility. Hardened teeth, which stay sharp about 3 times longer than non-hardened ones.

The concave grinding and the specific position and sharpening of the blade teeth decrease by 50% the cellular destruction of the wood, allowing a clean cut and a fast healing of the plant.

  • Blade length: 380 mm
  • Tooth configuration: 7.5 teeth every 30 mm

Oval pole and slip-proof rubbered hand grip

Oval-shaped (not round) pole that increases stiffness to stress while maintaining equal weight to the standard round poles.

The Silky handle is produced in vulcanized natural rubberwhich reduces vibrations and is always warm to the touch, this allows the hand not to slip even when wet.

Focus on the non-slip handle, which is covered in soft vulcanized natural rubber, rolled around the pole to ensure maximum grip and control of the cutting tool.

The pole is divided into three sections. This allows getting excellent control in case of low cuts when both the sections of the pole are closed and offers a optimal view of the tree to be pruned when it is at its maximum extension.

Two locking systems: A spring-loaded locking button and the friction clamp work together to ensure a strong and stable extension.

The telescopic pole is adjustable from a minimum of 170 cm up to a maximum of 300 cm.

Product Features
Forester 3000
Extension pole length:
170 - 300 cm
Extension pole:
Telescopic pole locking device:
double: with lever+botton
Manufacturing Country:
Cutting data
Blade length:
38 cm
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Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
1.8 Kg
Original packaging
Packaging dimensions cm (LxWxH):
220 x 20 x 15
Gross weight (packaging incuded) :
2.5 Kg
Assembly time:

Standard equipment

The pruning saw is shipped in its original packaging.