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Heavy-duty Saw Chain Sharpener

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ID: 1642
EAN: 8032956183218
MPN: 1642

Heavy-duty saw chain sharpener

HEAVY-DUTY electric F 800 saw chain sharpener with right and left tilting vice.

Chain sharpener model fully made of aluminium alloy.

Provided with 15 watt light bulb 

Intended for each saw chain size on the market. Therefore, it is suitable for all chainsaw brands and models available on the market. This saw chain sharpener is renowned to be particularly suitable among professional operators. 

Heavy-duty motor equipped with on-off push buttons compliant with the CEE Directive. 

It comes together with two chain discs provided on standard equipment.

Easy-to-use saw chain sharpener (however, we recommend to carefully read the instructions manual).

Perfect to get safe and precise sharpenings.

Rotating round table tool made of aluminium.

Additional specifications

Provided with graduated ruler, which indicates the table rotation.

Below, cutting angle adjusting knob, designed for the above table fixing.

Two retaining screws:
- Screw with knob
- Screw with black lever 

Chain stop device made of aluminium.

Focus on the chain sharpening angle setting knob.

Focus on the sharpening depth adjusting screw. 

Weight: 5.8 Kg

Bench top or wall-mount saw chain sharpener. 

Grinding wheels diameter: 145x4.7 mm

Hole diameter: 22.3 mm