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GS 2010 walk behind garden seeder (single seed), double hopper

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ID: 1449
MPN: AGF03GS2010

Walk behind single-seed SEEDER with double hopper and row crop marker

The unique with double hopper (sowing and fertilizing just in 1)

It is apt for all type of seed

The single-seed GS2010 seeder creates the row, fertilizes it, covers it and marks the following row, everything at the same time.

It is fast and functional. Planting beacomes a real pleasure.

The two hoppers enable to sow and fertilize at the same time. The hopper capacity for the fetilizer is about 2 kg.

The lever that regulates the quantity of fertilizer to use guarantees a correct dosage.

The adjustable ground opener enables to sow by choosing the depth of the of planting on the ground.

The front wheel covers the seeds automatically.

The GS2010 garden seeder has 6 drilled seed plates to plant carrots, cauliflowers, chicories, peas, beans, etc.

In just one passage, the GS 2010:

- Creates a row
- sows
- fertilizes
- covers the seed
- compresses the soil
- marks the distance for the following row

Semi-assembled garden seeder in carton packaging