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GreenBay Deep L-200 Stump Grinder - Loncin 196 cc Engine - Cutting Disc with 8 Hammers in Tungsten Carbide

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EAN: 8054141545045

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GreenBay Deep L-200 Stump Grinder - Loncin 196 cc Engine - Cutting Disc with 8 Hammers in Tungsten Carbide
2 bottles of 1 L oil each2 bottles of 1 L oil each
Body material
Motor brand
Motor Model
Motor type
Cubic capacity
196 cm³
Nominal power
6.5 HP
Transmission type
Cutting above the surface
37 cm
Rotor size
200 mm
Number of teeth
Product Features
Deep L-200
Body material:
Operating mode:
Spark ignition
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor brand:
Motor Model:
Motor type:
Cubic capacity:
196 cm³
No. of cylinders:
Nominal power:
6.5 HP
Rated power (HP):
5.1 HP
Motor speed:
2200 RPM
Power supply:
Overhead valve OHV
Engine lubrication system:
Oil bath
Tank capacity:
3.6 L
Noise level:
101 dB(A)
Manufacturing country:
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Cutting data
Body material:
Tungsten carbide
Number of teeth:
Underground cutting depth :
20 cm
Cutting above the surface:
37 cm
Rotor size:
200 mm
Motor safety brake:
Recoil start system (with rope):
Rear wheels size:
Free gifts/extra features
Engine oil bottle for free:
Wooden pallet (safe shipping):
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
180x70x120 cm
Net weight:
90 Kg
Original wooden box
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
107x75x66 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
120 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
60 minutes
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€ 1.166,31
€ 991,36
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GreenBay Deep L-200 Stump Grinder

The Deep L-200 stump grinder by GreenBay is a heavy-duty machine perfect for cutting stubs and tree roots with ease. This machine can cut up to 200 (8") mm underground and 370 (15") mm above the surface.

The Deep L-200 compact design proves useful to effortlessly pass through even the tightest spaces.

Equipped with an adjustable handlebar to fit the machine to any height.

This GreenBay stump grinder stands out for the high cutting action, thanks to its cutting disc with 8 blades made of Tungsten.

The engine mounted on this machine by GreenBay is a Loncin G200F engine with 196 cc of cubic capacity, which delivers 6.5 Hp of power with a belt drive. The Loncin 4-stroke engine features a recoil start and transfers power to the cutting disc that reaches 2200 rpm.

The construction materials are among the best on the market and suitable for this type of work:

  • 42CrMo steel type with HRC40-42 hardness (the material used for the machine body construction)
  • Tungsten (implemented in the manufactured of the 8 cutting blades)

Essential machine to be used after cutting plants to remove the remaining stump and quickly restore the affected area.

Loncin engine

The GreenBay Deep L-200 stump grinder is fitted with a high-performance Loncin 4-stroke engine with 196 cc of cubic capacity.

Main features:

Engine type:
Single-cylinder 4-stroke - OHC
Cylinder type:
Cubic capacity:
196 cm³

Nominal Power: 6.5 Hp
The correct term would be "Commercial” Power, meaning the standard definition used until a few years ago by all well-known engine manufacturers.

* This technical feature is the one indicated in the main sales channels, even if it is higher than the real power of the engine.

Rated power: 5.1 Hp (at 2900 rpm)
It refers to the real power of the engine. This is the power indicated as official in the engine instructions manual.

* This technical feature may vary from an engine model to another according to the rotation speed provided by the manufacturer.


Please carefully read the instructions manual before starting the unit.

Belt drive

The stump grinder is equipped with a belt drive.

This feature gives the machine an unmatched sturdiness, protecting both the engine and the entire grinding system from any kind of internal shock or kickback.

Higher durability over time compared to the traditional systems used by all manufacturers featuring an 2/4-stroke engine directly connected to the grinding unit.

Cutting unit

The cutting disc with 8 blades with tungsten carbide beating pinions with 2 different bit spacing enhances the cutting performance of the stump grinder and allows to mill large tree stubs and cut down roots in an easy and efficient way.

The Deep L-200 stump grinder comes with a cutting depth of 200 mm (8") underground and 370 mm (15") above the surface.

For improved milling performance, the cutting disc mounted on this model features blades that protrude both inwards and outwards

With a compact, narrow-shaped design, it can be conveniently used in tight spaces.

The stump grinder sets no limits on maximum cutting diameter.

Focus on the rotor lubrication system

Controls on the handle

The main controls of the machine are user-friendly and easy to use.

Equipped with a drive handle

Safety lever: The safety lever must be held against the handle during operation. If you release the lever, the engine will stop.

Brake lever:

  • 1 Lever with unlocked handbrake
  • 2 Brake lever pulled upwards to stop machine movement

Main features

140-6 tyres, perfect for all types of terrain and with excellent manoeuvrability.

Easily accessible wheel brake for safe operation.

Focus on the cutting disc

Focus on the hammers

5.26 mm thick steel

Free items & Standard equipment

Free Items Included


2 bottles of 10W40 oil, specific for 4-stroke engines

Standard equipment

The machine is shipped in its original packaging, in a wooden box.

Instructions manual included

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