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GeoTech EH 2200 T Electric Fan Heater - Three-phase electric motor 22 KW

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GeoTech EH 2200 T Electric Fan Heater - Three-phase electric motor 22 KW
Power supply
Three-phase electric
Max. heat output
22 kW
Body material
Product Features
EH 2200 T
Power supply:
Three-phase electric
Body material:
Max. heat output:
22 kW
31.8 A
Recommended for indoor areas:
Manufacturing country:
Thermal-protected motor:
Over-heating thermostat:
Built-in room thermostat :
Adjustable heat:
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Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Net weight:
19.2 Kg
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
21.2 Kg
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GeoTech EH 2200 T Hot Air Generator

GeoTech EH 2200 T is an electric fan heater powered by three-phase electric motor.

The Geotech electric fan heater is designed in order to provide localised heating to small-sized industrial, commercial or residential areas. It is mostly intended for hobby use, however it allows producing good hot air displacement thanks to the high power. It is also suitable for heating up closed or not well-ventilated rooms thanks to the absence of open flames and gas emissions.

This model is equipped with overheat thermostat and thermal cut-off fuse to supervise the heating elements. The overheat thermostat is responsible for controlling the air conditionig and the room temperature while the fan motor is not controlled by the overheat thermostat, so it keeps running when the thermostat will stop the heating elements.

Main features:

  • No oxygen consumption
  • Low noise
  • 100% Efficiency
  • Motor with thermal protection
  • Sturdy heating elements
  • Adjustable heat rating
  • Sturdy and long-lasting steel design

This electric heater model allows reaching high air displacement thanks to the 22000W power supply.

It is a portable and versatile machine, which is known to be a lightweight model extremely easy to use and transport thanks to the trasport handles it is provided with. It is ideal for temporary and emergency heating.

It allows to quickly heat up the surrounding area.

How to select the ideal hot air generator

Important features that the operator has to consider in order to choose the ideal gas heater which best suits his requirements according to the room that has to be heated up.

  • Dimensions of the area that has to be heated up[V].
  • The ideal temperature [ΔT] that has to be reached.
  • Room thermal insulation [K].

High thermal insulation: k = 1

Medium levels thermal insulation: k = 2

Low thermal insulation: k = 3

No thermal insulation: k = 4

Therefore, the heat requirements may be also calculated by using the following formula:

V x ΔT x K [kcal/h]


V = 4 mt width, 12 mt length, 3 mt height, room volume = 144 m³

ΔT = outdoor temperature -5ºC, room required temperature +18ºC, room temperature = 23ºC

K = 4 not-insulated room

The formula above-mentioned brings to the following result: 144 x 23 x 4 = 13 248 kcal/h, which has to be compared with the data written on the machine serial number plate, which highlights this gas heater functionality being able to generate larger volumes of instant heat compared to that one needed.

Converting to kW is easy, just multiply the result by 0.001163, so 13248 x 0.001163 = 15.4 KW

Technical features and additional details

Max heat rating: 22 kW

Power supply: Three-phase 400V 5 PIN PLUG 400V/63A/5P/6H IP67

Connector type: 3P+N+E

Power absorption: 31.8 A

Electric power requirements: 22 kW

Start: Manual

Setting-out: 145/11000/22000 W

Liquid ingress protection: IPX4

Fuse requirements: 35 A

Reset thermostat: 40°C

Focus on the heating elements

Focus on the fan

Handles for easy transport

Temperature setting knob

Thermostat adjusting knob

Three-phase industrial power plug

Extension cable not provided on standard equipment.


Cable equipped with CEE 63A 5p 6h 400V socket required - NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE
Free items & Standard equipment

Free items / Extra features

The electric heater is shipped in its original package.

It comes complete with:

  • Instructions and maintenance manual.
  • Three-phase socket with no power cable
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