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Tractor PTO Garden shredder / chipper shredder with cardan

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Tractor PTO Chipper Shredders in this category take advantage of the tractor’s engine and for this they have a productivity per hour in general higher than the other Chipper Shredders types. They are provided with traditional three-point linkage for an easy mobilization using a Cardan shaft for the tractor’s power-take-off transmission to the reduction gearbox each Tractor PTO Chipper Shredders of this category is provided with.
As the full Tractor Chipper Shredders is, the reduction gears are all Made in Italy, oil bath and of professional kind. The middle belt transmission between the reduction gearbox and the inner crushing rotor (with a clutch effect) is on standard equipment for all the models.
Tractor PTO Chipper Shredders are suitable for wood logs and branches crushing, and also for green and organic material (better if mixed to branches). Their cutting diameter is variable from a minimum of 50 mm of the smaller model up to 100 mm of the bigger and professional model.
The inner crushing rotor is made of a big dimensions main steel disk where the two tempered steel blades are fixed for the pre-crushing function, fundamental mainly for the biggest and hardest branches. Behind it, there is a series of sharpened rotating self-swinging hammers for the finest fragments crumbling, similar to a centrifuge effect, before the final product is threw out from the chute. Among this category there are two different shredders for tractor’s types.
  • One hopper: allows the undifferentiated material introduction, both woody and green, both big and small size, both leafy and simple branch.
  • Two hoppers: the smaller is for the bigger diameter branches and small trunks while the bigger one is for the fronds and voluminous branches or other green material.

    To enrich this product range, we propose a model for two-wheeled tractor specific to fix a two-wheels single axle cultivator provided with PTO (it can’t fix rotary tillers). The middle belt drive between the reduction gear and the rotor is supplied with this product. The two-wheeled tractor shredder is suitable for the wood or branches and green or organic shredding of max 50 mm diameter.

    It is enough to remind that design and manufacturing of the Tractor PTO Chipper Shredders is fully made in Italy, a further guarantee of their total quality.
    All you need for Wood cutting and processing . A range of over 17 Tractor PTO Chipper Shredders at the best price sale on the online market.
    Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 971,68 € up to 9.748,70 €
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