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Heavy-duty Tractor-driven Garden Shredders / Chippers with Cardan Shaft

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Tractor-driven Garden Shredders

Biotrituratori per Trattore

The best tractor driven garden shredders, for heavy-duty performance

Tractor-driven garden shredders in this category use the power of the tractor, resulting particularly powerful and offering the highest hourly production among all wood chipper categories.

These are heavy machines, equipped with classic three-point linkage for tractor, for easy movement. They use a traditional cardan shaft to transmit motion from the tractor PTO to the gearbox with which each tractor garden shredder is equipped.

In top range models, the gearboxes used are heavy-duty and made in Italy, as is the rest of the machine. The intermediate belt drive between the gearbox and the internal grinding rotor is standard on all models.

Tractor wood chippers are suitable for both grinding wood and branches and for shredding green or organic material, preferably with a stem or mixed with branches. The cutting diameter varies from a minimum of 50 mm for the smallest model to an impressive 100 mm for the largest professional models.
The internal grinding rotor of these bio-chippers consists of a large steel disc where two large hardened steel blades are attached, which carry out a pre-shredding operation, which is essential especially for larger and harder branches. Behind it there is a series of robust and sharp high-speed rotating hammers to finely shred the material. Then, the resulting product is ejected through the final deflector.

Tractor wood chippers: main features

In this category you can choose between two types of tractor garden shredders:

  • with unified hopper: these models allow to insert both woody and green material of small or large size, both leafy and clean-branched.
  • with double hopper: equipped with double hopper, the largest to insert foliage and large branches or other green material, the smallest to shred large diameter branches or small twigs.

A bonus to this category is the garden shredder for two-wheel tractor, specifically designed to be combined with a classic two-wheel single-axle tractor with its own power take-off (it cannot be combined with garden tillers).
The intermediate belt drive between the gearbox and the internal grinding rotor is also standard for this model. The garden shredder for two-wheel tractor is suitable for grinding wood and branches as well as for shredding green or organic material with a maximum cutting diameter of 50 mm.

Based on the shredding mechanism and the presence or absence of self-feeding rollers inside the hopper, tractor wood chippers are divided in four categories:

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