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Petrol Wood Chippers - Garden Shredders

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In this category we offer a range of Petrol Wood Chippers and Garden Shredders with different cutting systems, mainly designed for grinding wood and thick branches, but also for the mincing of greenery or organic material of medium and small size.

They can be divided according to the types of cutting system:

Disk / Hammers:

  • Cut: it occurs through the disc-type rotor with 2 blades made of hardened steel, which it allows to cut branches, slicing the biggest and hardest wood. The internal grinding rotor produces a large wood chip and constitutes a real pre-processing phase.
  • Centrifuge: the wood chip produced passes through a mincing system or shredding system with rotating unknot hammers at high speed before the final product is finally expelled from the expulsion chute. Compared to the previous system, the wood chip will be much finer, with a size of the chips of about 2-3cm. Many models are equipped with interchangeable grids which allow to set the fineness degree of the produced chip, which final size is suitable for the production of pellets through the Wood Pellet Machines.

Roller system:

  • These petrol Wood chippers are extremely powerful and sturdy. Their central steel roller ensures a unique sturdiness and durability, improving the wood cutting performances if we compare them to classic wood chippers equipped with a rotor with blades and hammers.
    Another peculiarity of this type of Wood Chippers is the cutting capacity, which is higher in the wood chippers with roller compared with the models with rotor. This is both because they work less, as they work at lower rotation speeds, and because the mass of the roller is much greater than that of the rotor, so it has a greater capacity crushing during impact.

Indeed, the Wood chippers are machines designed to crush the wood, excellent for shredding woody material with a diameter exceeding 10 cm allowing to realize a medium-sized chips of approximately 3-4 cm. However, they are not able to grind very small material and especially the foliage, for whose shredding instead models with disc rotor are preferred. For shredding also leaves with this type of petrol wood chippers it is necessary to mix them together with the wood or wood pieces of large or medium thickness. These wood chippers are specific for chipping branches of medium and large diameter (compatibly with the maximum cutting diameter indicated on each model), they are not suitable for small leaves and greenery and little suitable for small diameter branches.
All the models of Wood Chippers are equipped with a large hopper which allows the insertion of large fronds and avoids the separation between small and large material; furthermore, once inserted the material, the machine will suck it autonomously, without further aids or the operator intervention.
For what concern hoppers, Professional Petrol Wood Chippers are equipped with either one unified hopper that a double hopper.

  • Single Hopper: It allows the introduction of both woody or green material, large or small, simple or leafy branch. This type of shredders are highly valued by many users for its ease and speed of use.
  • Double Hopper: The more traditional Wood Chippers are equipped with two hoppers which are intended for the introduction of different materials. Selecting two distinct types of material to be ground in order to introduce it into different specific hoppers then becomes a necessary operation. The largest hopper is specific for the introduction of fronds and voluminous branches but with trunks of thinner diameter or other branched green waste which do not go through both stages of processing but pass directly and exclusively to the action of the oscillating hammers for shredding; the smallest hopper is specific for shredding higher diameter branches or small trunks, up to 100 mm on larger models, but after they have been removed from these all the possible ramifications.

Large pneumatic wheels, swiveling discharging chute and all the security systems complete the range of accessories mounted on this line of Wood Chippers and Garden Shredders. For larger models, a towbar, which makes easy the transport, is also available on standard.

All you need for Wood cutting and processing . A range of over 63 Petrol Wood Chippers - Garden Shredders at the best price sale on the online market.
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