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Petrol Wood Chippers - Garden Shredders

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Petrol Garden Shredders

Biotrituratori a Scoppio

What are the main features of a petrol garden shredder?

In this category you can find petrol garden shredders - wood chippers with different cutting systems, mainly suitable to shred wood and thick branches, but also green or organic material of small and medium size.

They can be divided according to the cutting system:


  • cut: it is carried out by a hardened steel disc rotor with 2 blades, which allows to cut even the hardest and thickest branches. The internal shredding rotor produces large wood chips and constitutes a real pre-processing step.
  • centrifuge: the produced wood chips pass through a shredding system or a high-speed rotating jointed hammer system before the final product is finally ejected from the chute. Compared to the previous system, the product is much finer, with a wood chip size of around 2-3cm. Many models are equipped with removable grids which allow you to set the degree of fineness of the wood chips produced, the final size of which is suitable for pellet production by pellet machines.


  • these petrol garden shredders - wood chippersare extremely powerful and robust, they operate thanks to the central steel roller around; it guarantees unparalleled robustness and durability and ensures better cutting compared to classic garden shredders with rotor with blades and hammers.
  • another feature of these wood chippers is their cutting capacity superior than rotor garden shredders, both because they operate at lower speeds and because the mass of the roller is much greater than that of the rotor and therefore has a greater shredding capacity.

What are the advantages of petrol wood chippers?

Petrol wood chippers are designed to shred wood, perfect for woody material with more than 10 cm diameter, obtaining medium-sized wood chips, 3-4 cm, but at the same time they are not suitable to shred small material, especially leaves (in this case, disc rotor models are recommended). In order to shred leaves with this type of petrol wood chipper, it is important to mix them with wood or large/medium-sized pieces of wood. These garden shredders are specifically designed to shred medium and large diameter branches (subject to the maximum cutting diameter indicated on each model), not suitable for leaves and small green material, and not recommended for small diameter branches.
All wood chippers in this category are equipped with a large hopper which allows to insert large amounts of material and avoids separating small and large materials; in addition, once it has been inserted, the machine will automatically drag the material inside, without the need for tools or operators.
Heavy-duty petrol garden shredders feature both a unified hopper and a double hopper.

  • Unified hopper: allows to insert woody or green, large or small, leafy or single-branched material. These garden shredders are popular with many users because of their ease and speed of use.
  • Double hopper: classic garden shredders are equipped with two hoppers, suitable for different materials. It is then necessary to divide the material in two types, to insert each type in a specific hopper. The largest hopper is suitable for large foliage and branches but with a smaller diameter, or other branched plant waste that does not go through both processing stages but passes directly and exclusively to the action of the rotating hammers for shredding; the smaller hopper shreds branches with larger diameter or small twigs, up to 100 mm on larger models, but after all possible ramifications have been removed from them.

We can divide petrol garden shredders in five different categories:

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