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Garden Shredders


What is the function of a garden shredder?

Garden shredders, also called wood chippers, are machines for shredding gardening and pruning residues such as branches, leaves or grass. During these last years, garden shredders has become very popular, also because of legal regulations prohibiting the burning of bundles and brushwood for safety and pollution reasons.

However, these types of waste need to be disposed of quickly, but transport to a landfill site can often be complicated. Wood chippers shred residues, minimising their volume and bringing 3 advantages:

  • saving time and the cost of transporting waste;
  • production of raw material for fertilising plants, gardens and vegetable gardens;
  • possibility of producing pellet at home using your wood pellet machine.

Remember that garden shredders, regardless on the type of power supply and power, can shred green wood thanks to their structure. In fact, dry wood would quickly damage the blades and hammers which constitute the cutting unit.

Garden shredders: choose the right one for you

The category of garden shredders can be divided in three large categories, depending on the type of power supply inside their engine:

  • electric garden shredders are the most popular for home use, particularly thanks to their affordable price. Given the amount of work that these garden shredders can do, they need a good supply of current. That is why it is often necessary a 3 Kw power supply.
    Garden shredders with electric motor feature a single-phase brushed motor and a plastic structure. These are suitable to work in small-medium gardens. The diameter of the branches that electric garden shredders can shred can be very wide, around 40-45 mm, but quantity is still limited: in fact, the structure and motor of these machines do not allow prolonged work with very thick wood.
    The market offers both electric garden shredders with loose discharge and equipped with collection box. These collect the wood chips in a box, ready for disposal.
    Electric garden shredders can also be heavy-duty. In general, heavy-duty electric garden shredders have a much higher performance in every way. This is due in particular to the induction motors, which have a much higher effective power development than brushed motors, making these machines suitable even for intense and prolonged sessions. The steel structure also gives them a robustness that will last for years with no sign of wear and tear.
    The large loading hoppers provide ease of use, which allows for high hourly productivity of the garden shredder during intensive and prolonged use. Of course, these machines are suitable for large gardens or agricultural work.

  • petrol garden shredders, thanks to their steel structure and engine power, are mostly heavy-duty. These machines are suitable for more demanding jobs compared to electric garden shredders, both for the size and quantity of the material. Petrol garden shredders provide autonomy thanks to the absence of electric cables or a tractor cardan.
    Petrol garden shredders for amateur use are perfect for cleaning your garden. Suitable for small-medium gardens and therefore for occasional shredding jobs.
    Instead, heavy-duty petrol garden shredders feature engines whose quality is renowned, such as Honda, Briggs & Stratton or Loncin. These machines have much higher performance than electric models thanks to petrol engines, which have a much higher effective power development than electric motors, but above all a long service life that makes them suitable for working in long sessions without adding fuel.

  • tractor-driven garden shredders can develop a higher cutting capacity, thanks to the tractor linkage which provides high power and almost unlimited power supply. These machines can shred logs or twigs with diameters ranging from 5 to 10 cm, up to 15 cm in diameter in the largest and most professional models. These features make tractor-driven garden shredders perfect for agricultural use. Its structure and power make them suitable for even large-scale work.

What are the cutting systems of garden shredders?

  • Disc with blades system consists of a steel disc where blades are mounted. The blades of the rotor shred the material. This system provides medium-sized wood chips (3/5 cm). It is the easiest and most standard cutting system for garden shredders. Mainly featured by electric garden shredders of low-medium range, suitable for amateur use. However, it can also be mounted on very large petrol or tractor-driven garden shredders.

  • Disc with blades and hammers system is the evolution of disc with blades system. It is designed to ensure better shredding thanks to a double processing. The material is first shredded by the blades mounted on the flywheel and then by a series of sharp and powerful hammers. Thanks to this process, the result is more even and finer.

  • The roller system is the coarsest, but definitely the most powerful. In fact, thanks to the rollers you can shred material larger than 10 cm in diameter. The roller has difficulty processing foliage and small material, but can easily shred medium-large woody material. This cutting system provides coarser wood chips.

What are the brands to consider?

Our catalogue includes leading manufacturers of garden shredders. As for many other products, a serious, well-known and trusted brand means choosing quality and safety. The brands you should consider while choosing a garden shredder - for amateur or heavy-duty use - are:

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