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More than 95 different models of Wood Chippers in prompt delivery, the widest range on market. Wood Chippers in general are machines suitable for shredding the waste of pruning and gardening residues with variable diameter from 20 to 150 mm according to the models, being able to finely grind both branches and greenery, such as leaves, grass and other organic wastes, as long as they are equipped with stem or introduced when mixed with branches. It is important to underline that the Wood Chippers can grind only green wood. Indeed, only in this case the product’s performance is compliant to the Manufacture’s declarations and, above all, it will be possible to maintain intact the machine: The dry wood crushing, in fact, is a very hard job: rotor and cutting blades of all those machines not designed to this purpose may be damaged by it. The first category offers a choice of about 25 models of Electric Wood Chippers for hobby use, equipped with a single-phase electric motor, particularly suitable for home and private use for gardening. The second category shows a range of professional Electric Wood Chippers, equipped with a professional electric induction motor and a structure entirely made of steel. They are designed for those who want a professional electric-powered Wood Chipper that is sturdy, with a high cutting performance and of incomparable duration and reliability: definitely more than a hobby product.The last three categories there are three different groups of Petrol engine Wood Chippers, which are all characterized by their sturdy structure combined to the high cutting performance. In the first, we find the classics Petrol engine Wood Chippers equipped with roller and a double hopper. The largest one is for large and bulky fronds and branches, or other green material, while the smallest for shredding higher branches or small diameter logs. In the following category there are the Professional Petrol engine Wood Chippers with rotor, highly appreciated for their single, unified hopper which allows the undifferentiated introduction of both woody or green material, large or small, simple or leafy branch. In the third category of petrol engine Wood Chippers there is a full range of Professional Wood Chippers equipped with a professional Honda engine representing our Company’s pride. They are entirely manufactured in Italy and equipped with the engine that seems to be the best one on trade, all provided with unified hopper and models that are definitely a top of the range. Some of them are even suitable for the most intensive, burdensome and professional jobs. Then, there is a range of Tractor driven Wood Chippers, made with the same study of the previous category equipped with the Honda engine, but specifically designed for the three-point linkage to the tractor, highly requested feature by the tractor’s owners. Finally a niche product, Wood Chipper for rototiller, provided with a flanged linkage for the two wheel’s tractors.
All you need for Wood cutting and processing . A range of over 117 Wood Chippers - Garden Shredders at the best price sale on the online market.
Our 2021 AgriEuro catalogue is constantly enriched and updated showing competitive prices from 117,06 € up to 15.173,96 €
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