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Front snowplough suitable to be matched with GeoPorter tracked barrow (500kg load capacity)

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GeoTech plough suitable for GeoPorter tracked barrow - 500 Kg capacity

GeoTech snowplough makes GeoPorter range of 500 kg loading capacity tracked power barrow more complete.

It is easy to install and adjust and allows removing snow from streets, home walkaways or frontyards when auto vehicles access is poor.

It is provided with two blades on standard kit. One of them is already mounted on the plough and is intended to remove gravel, ground or sand.

The snow blade is equipped with a dedicated thick and sturdy rubber ply (it is provided disassembled and can be replaced with the blade already mounted on the plough).

Easy assembly: you just need to pull out the front side panel and tighten some bolts.

Adjustable asset

By means of the dedicated adjustment system you can set three possible inclinations:

In the centre;
On the left;
On the right;

In this way you can set the proper asset according to the ground type.

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