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Front Plough for GeoPorter power barrow with 300 kg body

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Front Plough for GeoPorter power barrow with 300 kg body
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GeoTech plough suitable for GeoPorter tracked barrow - 300 kg capacity

The GeoTech snowplough is a tool that makes the GeoPorter line of 300 kg body even more complete.

This shovel can be used either for small earth, gravel or gravel movements, in which case it will be used with only the blade without the rubber strip, or for shovelling snow, for which the specific blade will be fitted with the rubber strip that comes with the shovel.

The movements it is capable of performing obviously do not include loading and/or unloading either earth or snow.

The snow blade, on the other hand, is characterized by the very thick and robust tarred rubber strip.

Assembly is very simple, just slide out the front rail and screw in a few bolts.


Length: 1840 mm

Width: 990 mm

Height: 775 mm

Adjustable positioning

By means of the dedicated adjustment system you can set three possible inclinations:

All to the left
All to the right

In addition, the adjustment mechanism located on the connection arm to the wheelbarrow allows vertical movement of the shovel.

Simply unlock the lever that holds the joint in place, and the shovel can be raised or lowered using the convenient arm provided.

In this way, you can make the proper adjustment according to the ground type.

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