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Flour mill and flaker mill Komo Fidfloc Medium in thick beechwood. 360 watt engine.

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Flour mill and flaker mill Komo Fidfloc Medium in thick beechwood. 360 watt engine.
Power supply
Output per minute
100 g/min
Machine body material
Nominal power (W)
360 W
Manufacturing country
Product Features
Fidifloc medium
Grinding capacity:
100 g/min
Output per minute:
100 g/min
Hopper capacity:
850 g
Power supply:
Machine body material:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Nominal power (W):
360 W
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Instructions manual:
Bowl or cup as free gift:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Original packaging
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
Gross weight (packaging included) :
10 Kg
Assembly time:
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Flour mill and flaker mill Komo Fidifloc Medium

Handmade in Austria with high quality materials, Komo Fidifloc is synonym of high value and long lasting performances. This product combines a motorized flour mill with a manual FlicFloc flaker mill which is easily removable and transportable.

The thick beechwood body, carefully refined and oiled with organic vegetable oils ensures a long lasting in time and an excellent stability.

The industrial engine at high perfomance transfers 360 watt power to small internal mill grinders which are apt at working for even long time.

The product is shipped in its completely shock-resistant packaging with cups and clamp for the flaker mill included.

The main difference between the Fidifloc medium and Fidfloc 21 is the power engine: 360 watt of Fidifloc medium and 250 watt of Fifloc 21.

*Please use just clean and dry cereals. Cereals are dry when the grain crunches heavily when pressed with a spoon against a rigid surface. Humid cereals can be pressed easily and are therefore similar to oat flakes.

- This mill can grind all type of soft wheat (like spelt, rye or grain), all type of durum wheat (millet, corn, rice), spices (pepper, black pepper, mustard seeds), legumes in order to obtain an excellent chickpea, green peas, beans flour etc. and all the variaties of roasted seeds as coffee.

It is less suggested for oil seeds like flax, poppey or sesame.

Main characteristics

The mill grinders, both in corundum and ceramic, have a 250 watt engine. On the lower mill grinder, the rotating one, the electric mill has a brush that brushes away the flour at each rotation, therefore it is self-cleaning.

By simply rotating the hopper you can adjust the level of fineness of the flour. If you regulate the fineness on a finer level, that is not indicated on the table, the mill will grind at an ultra fine grain. However, the risk of damages on the mill grinders becomes higher. So please pay attention to the noise of the grinding: if it slightly decreases it means that the stones of the grinding begin to ruin. Therefore, using the lever switch to a bigger grinding.

The cleaning is extremely easy: just unscrew the hopper , and clean the interior part with a wet cloth.

- Hopper capacity: 850 g

- Grinding capacity: 100 g/min

- Weight: 9.7 kg

Refined with vegetable oils.

Komo offers a 12 years warranty on Fidifloc and a 3 years warranty on the flaker mill Flicfloc.

*The flour mill/flaker mill Komo Fidifloc is like the result of the joint of the flaking machine FlicFloc and the flour mill Fidibus.

* Please do not immerse the machine into water! If you want to clean it, just use a wet cloth and, once dry, rub with a bit of oil on the surface.

Free items & Standard equipment

Free gifts & Standard equiment

The product is shipped in its original packaging.

Istructions manual, clamp for flaking machine and cups included.

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