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EuroMech ETR 20 2v - Tiltable Spiral Dough Mixer - 18 Kg Capacity - Dual Speed and Three-Phase

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ID: K607541

EAN: 8056746999285

MPN: ETR 20 2v

EuroMech ETR 20 2v - Tiltable Spiral Dough Mixer - 18 Kg Capacity - Dual Speed and Three-Phase
Free items: Chef's hatFree items: Chef's hat
Chef's apronChef's apron
Mixing head type
Dough Capacity
18 Kg
Tank capacity
22 L
Speed levels
Bowl type
Stainless steel removable bowl
hydration max
60 %
Medium doughs
Hard doughs
Minimum dough
4 Kg
Operating mode
Three-phase 400 V
Nominal power
1 HP
Motor type
Electronic timer
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Focaccia bread
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Recommended for:
Egg mixtures
Recommended for:
Fresh pasta
Product Features
ETR 20 2v
Body material:
Enamelled steel
Typology :
Medium doughs:
Hard doughs:
Mixing head type:
Dough Capacity:
18 Kg
hydration max:
60 %
Speed levels:
Tank capacity:
22 L
Bowl type:
Stainless steel removable bowl
Bowl diameter:
36 cm
Bowl height:
21 cm
Operating mode:
Three-phase 400 V
Hourly output:
56 kg/h
Minimum dough:
4 Kg
Dough mixing time:
Manufacturing country:
Motor data
Motor type:
Nominal power:
1 HP
Nominal power (W):
750 W
Power supply:
400 V electric
Transmission data
Transmission type:
Cutting data
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Focaccia bread
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Recommended for::
Egg mixtures
Recommended for::
Fresh pasta
CE-compliant safety switch:
Electronic timer:
Rotating Bowl:
Stainless steel
Rotating spiral arm:
stainless steel
Central breaker bar:
Stainless steel
Lifting safety grid:
Stainless steel
Free gifts/extra features
Instructions manual:
Dimensions and logistics
Product dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
72x42x64 cm
Net weight:
90 Kg
Original wooden box
Original packaging/s dimensions in cm (L x W x H):
77x47x78 cm
Gross weight (packaging included) :
105 Kg
Unloading with hydraulic tail lift:
Assembly time:
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EuroMech ETR 20 2v Dual Speed Tiltable Spiral Dough Mixer

Euromech ETR 20 2V tiltable spiral dough mixer - three-phase

  • E: Euromech
  • T: Three-phase
  • R: Raising head
  • 20: 22-litre capacity series
  • 2V: 2 speeds

Highlights of the product:

  • Three-phase motor 400 V;
  • with rising head;
  • 2 speeds;
  • with timer;
  • low consumption;
  • low noise;

The three-phase spiral mixer proposed here is therefore particularly suitable for professional catering, delicatessens, pizzerias and any company that needs to knead large quantities of dough at a time.

It is a very reliable and sturdy machine.

The internal transmission with oversized chain ensures resistance to wear and extremely reduced noise level.

The spiral mixer with tilting head works with two combined rotations:

  • the bowl, rotating on itself with a regular motion
  • the spiral hook, immersed in the dough, rotates on its axis

These combined movements give strength to the dough and make the spiral mixer ideal for compact, elastic doughs that do not stick together, such as bread, pizza, homemade dough, panettone and leavened cakes in general. Excellent for doughs requiring considerable dough strength and for the development of the gluten mesh in bakery doughs.

Raising head and removable bowl

These spiral mixers are equipped with a tiltable head and removable bowl; these features are the best you can ask for in terms of easy cleaning and dough processing.

Use the side lever to unlock the head.

The head is equipped with a gas lift piston and safety microswitch, which prevents accidental operation when the mixer has the head raised.

Easily removable bowl: it can be easily removed releasing the locking system at the bottom of the bowl, thus allowing for a practical dough transport and easy cleaning.

To unlock the bowl, simply unscrew its base until it releases.

Main features

The frame of the dual-speed spiral dough mixer is made of steel painted with non-toxic food-grade paints, which guarantee high resistance to corrosion and to chemicals, oils and greases.

The transmission is chain-driven, with excellent strength and durability.

The tiltable dough mixer features different working modes:

  • Manual mode: the user switches on and off the machine (timer in ON position);
  • Timer mode: it allows timed start-up from 1 to 30 minutes;
  • Slow or fast speed levels - The first speed (slow) is used to better collect the flour in the mixer, helping the gluten mesh to form. The second helps to dry the dough and speed up the work.

This model features the dough splitter column made entirely of stainless steel.

All the components directly touching the dough are made of stainless steel:

  • Bowl
  • Spiral
  • Safety grid
  • Dough splitter column

Liftable stainless steel protection grid.

The special shape of the spiral makes it possible to reduce processing times to a minimum without overheating the dough.

Food-grade paint.

Technical specifications

  • 2 speeds
  • Dough capacity: 18 Kg
  • Stainless steel bowl volume: 22 L;
  • Hourly production: 56 kg/h
  • Engine power: 1.7 hp
  • "CE”-compliant safety system
  • “CE” safety micro-switch
  • Power supply: 400 V - 50 Hz;
  • CE Certification;
  • Weight: 90 kg;
  • Rubber feet

The spiral dough mixer is equipped with anti-vibration rubber pads.

This spiral dough mixer can be used at home, but also to work in small handcrafted pastry shops.

This kneading machine can process 18 kg of dough at a time.

Professional Fork Dough Mixer: ideal for any type of hard, soft, elastic dough (bread, focaccia, pizza, pasta, biscuits, panettone) and for special flour doughs such as gluten, remilled semolina, durum wheat, stone-ground flours, and many others.

The machine will be supplied without the electric plug.

Free items & Standard equipment

Complimentary chef's hat and apron

1 Chef's hat:

  • 24 cm high double fabric band
  • Upper part sewn with pleats
  • Total height in cm. 43
  • 100% non-shrink cotton, 190 g/m2 weight
  • One size

1 Chef's apron:

  • Same fabric for neck and hip strings
  • 1 cm perimeter edge
  • 100% non-shrink cotton,260 g/m2 weight - drill 3/1
  • Size: 70x85 cm
  • Colour: white

Standard equipment

  • The machine is shipped in its original packaging.

    • Instructions manual included
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